Sports in White Plains: Past and Present

Keeping active, has always been the way White Plains (WP) rolled. Fishing, hunting and horse back riding were once necessities for bringing food to the table and to get around but as the community changed from an agricultural based economy, these activities became more leisurely as sporting activities.

During the colonial period, WP had a “commons” an open area that those in the village could use for a multiple of uses for play, space for animals to graze and the local militia to train. This area was along the Village St that is now Broadway. The lasting parts of this open space became Broadway Park and today is is known as Tibbits Park. With time the park has shrunk as the roadways that run in and out of them have expanded. Some of the former commons land are open space but not considered part of the park. A large section is found along Westchester Ave across from Tibbits from Main St to just south of Franklin Ave. Other areas can be found along North Broadway on both sides of the road. A large expansive area is near the Good Counsel Property.

Fishing in WP used to take place in many of our former and present streams, rivers and lakes but today it is a rarity. Licenses are required and most of the water places do not have fish to support the sport. Hook and Bullet website lists Silver Lake and Bloomingdale pond as fishing spots but Bloomingdale Pond is on Hospital land. Fishing areas are located outside the city and near by. Boating on Silver Lake is seasonal permitting kayaks at Liberty Park through the WP Recreation & Park Department (WPRPD).

Hunting, Horseback riding & even cross country skiing were once activities in WP. When the Gedney Farm Hotel ( from 1912) was around these were activities of the guests. Howard Willett also had horse jumpers.

There was a WP Recreation Commission from 1922 to 1938. Gedney Way building was the location then and used today by WP Recreation Dept. WP Schools and the WP Recreation & Park Department (WPRPD) from 1942 has participatory team and individual sports and exercise programs from all ages. WP schools also have required physical education and sports teams. See the City website for more info and for seasonal brochures.

WP Parks support a variety of sporting activities. Playgrounds are found throughout the City at schools and in some parks. Ice Skating is seasonally available at Ebersole Ring located at Delfino Park.

Westchester County has numerous parks bordering the City that support a variety of sporting activities. The County Center has sporting events that include indoor football and basketball.


City has private gyms: Westchester Boxing Club (220 Ferris Av), UFC Gym (25 S Broadway)


White Plains has a number of bike lanes on its streets. City has bike racks by train station and others in City on Mamaroneck Ave and at Library. There is a bike/walking pathway along the Bronx River Parkway. Bike sharing 2018, Two companies; one pulled out soon after and Lime Bikes E bikes in 2019


White Plains used to have bowling alleys J&J Bowl on Post Rd and Post Bowl on Westchester Ave but that closed and was demolished when Stop & Shop was built.. Bowlmor Lanes (2015) (formerly White Plains Bowl) at 47 Tarrytown Rd is actually in Greenburgh.

Bocce ball

At Turnure Park (outdoor court)


Westchester has a long history of golf and has one private club and one private. New York Presbyterian Hospital has a course (9 holes). Westchester Hills, Westchester County Saxon Woods (has driving range; miniature golf) and Westchester County Maple Moor.

Specialty Stores for Golf: Club Champion at City Center is a club fitter. GolfTEC (golf lessons) 190 E Post Rd. Tom Sutter Golf Academy 184 Chatterton Parkway. Complete Golfer 245 Main St


White Plains has two outdoor pools in its parks and one indoor pool at WPHS. There are private pools available by membership at sports clubs.


Ebersole Skating Ring (WPPD)

Tennis and Pickleball Courts:

Tennis and Pickleball courts are available in our parks and schools. WP Parks & Rec department has classes.

Private courts are available through club membership or on private courts.

Tennis Innovators Academy (Delfino Park).

Hiking, Jogging, Running & Walking:

School Tracks: WPHS, Highlands & Eastview. Hike on trails at Liberty Park into Silver Lake Preserve, Mamaroneck/Bryant Park, Ridgeway School and White Plains Harrington Gedney Trail. County has trails at Saxon Woods.

White Plains Hospital Mall Walkers: Mon. Wed & Thursday 9am-10am. at The Westchester. Registration is on Fashion level 2 (next to Old Navy) offering free parking. 914 681-2539.

The city has numerous indoor exercise/sports centers available to members.

Sporting Stores:

White Plains has had a number of retail stores selling sports gear and clothing: Peck’s Skate Shop (Lake St), Dicks Sporting Goods (The Source), Pedigree Ski Shop (Mamaroneck Ave) and Westchester Road Runner (179 E Post Rd), 44 Board (373 Mamaroneck Ave), Champs Sports (Galleria), Foot Locker (The Westchester & Galleria) and others.

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