Diary of a Mad Jewish; Eggless Woman Venting & Doing Lots of Soul-Searching April 2023

Continuation of Facebook Entries

APRIL 2023

Post April 1, 2023:

Tested my water. Got kits and it was very simple.

Wanted to check my bathroom where I sometimes get reddish residue on sink, red stains in toilet. Tested kitchen sink; filtered water. Also checking for Bacteria but that takes 48 hours. Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t getting sick from my water as I drink a lot and need to more than ever.

Results were fine. Water might be a bit hard but everything else seems okay. No iron or lead. My building is as old as I am so pipes could be an issue though NY water is great.

Have to make sure I clean out my filtered water container. I felt nauseous; I think it was some of my meds.

Saw Kidney specialist but he has to wait on more tests; for some reason he could not see the scan results that I just had this week. Too many FDG tracers in different places but none where my female parts were or still are with the 1 left.

I do have to stop taking Ibuprofen. Have a bag of old drugs to drop off at police station so this will just be added to that pile.

Doctor says what I eat doesn’t affect my kidneys, but he said diabetes does. Well, my sugar levels are affected by what I eat so what is it? Right now, sugar levels are more like normal, even better at certain times. Trajenta has helped but there are a lot of side effects.

Wow a busy week coming up with doctor visit with Oncologist on Mon. My 1st seder I will be preparing for April 5; all just before my 69th birthday on the 10th.

I am making real progress on Spring cleaning. Got rid of a lot of things. Next, I will tackle more of those papers of my mother’s. Things are looking much better. Last year things got ugly. I now have to figure out where to get rid of my old Oreck since my new Miele works for me so much better. It is light and picks up a lot.

Post April 2, 2023:

Found this in NEJC newsletter with my mother at The Bristal with rabbi’s wife and 2 children. My mother lost the fake tooth she had when at King’s St Rehab and her dentist does not do this work. Children are dressed for Passover and my mother is making a “thing” with her missing tooth.

Have yet to figure out what to do about it if anything. Now that Mom is tough to take places, I have to talk to some of the companies that provides accessible transport. Paratransit will not work for her and I would have to reapply for that. Too much on my plate right now to think this out.

Post April 5, 2023:

oday I give my mother a Passover Seder picnic style.

Made everything yesterday so I just have to pack in a cooler. Besides making charoset, a roasted lamb shank and a roasted egg for the first time, I made a brisket and veggies. Hopefully, the microwave will work out that I was told is in the Country Kitchen at the Bristal. Even got the fortune cookies that look like they are made of matza (marzipan) for dessert. Have 2 Haggadahs with illustrations that I don’t know if Mom will be able to see but plan to read/sing into her better ear.

After, everything that went down in NYC yesterday, I just hope everyone will be safe this Passover. We all need for the hatred & violence to pass over us.

I went over my scan results with my Oncologist and there seems to be something in my abdomen area that will need to be looked at. Dr plans on discussing my case with others and might be recommending a biopsy, radiation and or an operation. I really don’t think I can handle another operation right now, but this is what happens. As for my kidney, the test results don’t seem to be a problem just yet but will have to wait a month for that discussion. Meanwhile I get to see my Endocrinologist on my 69th birthday next Mon. I really feel my age these days. I just wish my hair would grow back.

Wish you all well and I will drink today not just for your good health but for peace in the US/Israel.

Post April 6, 2023:

Mom decided yesterday, she wanted to do something about her missing tooth. Called the dentist she had in Yonkers where they had put in a crown in 2019 and I will arrange an accessible van to take her there. After Passover seder, my mother saw the light I guess and finally decided to do something. Maybe it was just my tough Brisket.

Post April 9, 2023:

What I learned to save on taxes/money:

1. Keep records of all the expenses that you spend on your job that you pay for and take them off your taxes with Miscellaneous expenses: This includes dues to unions, and other business-related organizations. Then there are the classes you take to continue your education (not for minimum requirements) and the materials you buy for this.

2. Plan trips to places where you can go to a convention related to your job or even to take a class. There are rules to follow as to what is tax deductible. I even planned my trips to conventions to take credits that would give me a higher salary. Everything has to be in advance and document how and why you incurred an expense. You can deduct things you buy that relate to your job.

3. Cell phone costs. I needed a cell phone at work because I worked at a location where there was no land phone for me to access and office would have to contact me from time to time.

4.There are also discounts for certain groups. Verizon has an Educator discount and Barnes and Nobles has one as well. I could join TDF as an Educator and now as a retired person. I got to see a lot of plays in NYC at 1/3 the price. Many places give a discount to Seniors.

5. Reward programs: Many credit cards have reward programs as well as department stores. Microsoft has a reward program for using their search engine.

6. States offer things as well. NY has the Star Program and the Enhanced Star program for Seniors reducing property taxes.

Post April 15. 2023:

What a difference a day makes.

Heatwave is gone. Seems like we have normal weather, but sun is shining so no rain here. Spring has started but no cherry blossoms yet. County put out fire warnings for much of my area.

On my health, will be having radiation treatment to one small growth in abdomen area. Bunch of my doctors consulted on my situation; believe it is cancerous so no biopsy. Looks like this is what my future holds for me. Cancer can pop up anywhere and at any time.

Still manic but finally got 7 hrs sleep. Skipped a Synthroid pill this week. Surprised Endocrinologist did not call me with my lab results in. Got tested on birthday. Some present I gave myself. Made up with buying spree. Got a new computer since old one Surface Studio was breaking down with every Verizon update losing Wi-Fi, blue tooth and then a keyboard connection. I did get WIFI back but never got blue tooth so got a different keyboard, but this was lost to me as well. Hard to use online keyboard on large screen.

Cleaning up this week, accidently cut my phone line so Verizon made a visit yesterday. Guy cleaned up everything. He said everything should have been removed before when I got an upgrade when my battery went out last Sept and closed system. It was also not pretty with a black wire in living room. Could also detach wire grounded to electric box. No charge for service since everything should have been done correctly back in Sept. Prefer my land phone at home. Can’t always hear cell ring and even when I had to use to make appointment 2 Verizon people could not hear me, so they hung up on me.

Took a ride north to Bedford (forgot a fake flower putting in Mom’s room and then to Katonah where I got some sandals that fit. It was really hot in the sun but air-conditioning in my car saved me.

When I got home around 3, there was a loud noise in my bedroom from outside my unit. Figured it was from upstairs; was louder than my fan. Tried to nap but couldn’t. At 6, I called management to complain since I need quiet to sleep. Got a call from Super and said ventilation fan was left on 2nd floor. He would not admit it was 2A though it probably was since I don’t usually hear noise from 2G. Carmen R has been the neighbor from hell with her loud footsteps wearing shoes, banging, scrapping furniture on floor and creaking floors since 2006. He also said no one was home there but would turn off fan that was left on by workers who I had heard banging away all day long. Plan was for fan to go all night so I told him I would call police since construction is not allowed in city after 7pm. Our building requires noise to be off by 5pm. He also did not show at 8 so at 8:24 I called Stillman Management again and told them I would call police at 8:30. Finally at 8:30 I heard footsteps upstairs and fan went off. Why did they think that was okay and not sure my management knew. Carmen R had been away for like 4 months and now back making lots of noise. Had to get on elevator with her like the day she returned and told her I knew she came back because of her noise. She said she was in Spain for 3 months, but I told her it was more like 4 with her leaving before Thanksgiving.

Feel very strongly that my building discriminates in its enforcement of its bi laws and rules. Plan to file complaint with building. I was sick and would not have been able to sleep. With fighting cancer and being manic without getting much sleep, I thought this was beyond consideration for me. Told my building, I was disabled and did try to get a lawyer. I will have to get NYSUT service again. Even put overlays on my doorknobs to hall and bathroom. Keep leaving my keys in my mailbox. Locked myself out of building the other day but got in at front door using my cell that is connected to buzzer. I have then a trail of keys going to the one for my apartment. I have locked myself out too many times. I used to have a key box on underside of car but have not been able to find a place that has metal that I can reach.

Did tell doctors that something is causing me to force my head down and not very balanced when walking. I have had this before and said Synthroid levels might be too high.

Plan to go to Recycle Center to get some dirt. Got some seeds to plant flowers outside by benches I paid for and Basel. I have to get rid of all that e-waste with the clean-up in my unit. Hope TILI Shed is open but might be too early.

Finding another place to live might take years with the few houses in my price range offered and ones I actually like. Have to reapply for mortgage but without seeing houses in a nice area that has some walkability or where no construction is scheduled is hard.

Post April 18, 2023:

esterday wasn’t a great day. Took Mom to Dentist she used to go to in Yonkers and trip was really just a waste of time.

We took Assist Transportation; young woman driver got to Bristal early. Took a lot of time to load Mom into back of SUV. Mom is heavy and so is her wheelchair. Also, had trouble getting into van myself. Entrance was like up to my waist. Driver was using GPS and was often in the wrong lane. Didn’t say anything till later. (My sister had yelled at me for directing her when she was using GPS in her car when she came down for my last 2 operations). We got off in Greenburgh instead of Tuckahoe and she took Grassy Sprain Rd but she was going to the Golf course. Seems that E was left off the GPS address. Then when we got out of SUV the woman put the pedals on wheelchair, but one did not go down.

Concerned Dental waiting room was freezing. Seems they had air conditioner when it was cold out. Filled out forms and had to wait till almost 12 when appointment was at 11:30.

They then tried to do x-rays that I did not expect for a consultation. Mom could not handle the gizmo things they had in her mouth and bite down. The gadgets holding x ray was bigger than the ones my dentist uses. Then after a while they tell me, that Mom has to go to a hospital for x-rays and they can’t help us till she gets those. Said her dentist did x rays but since they were done in 2021, they could not do a consultation. Just wanted to know what to do with her crown that they put in that the tooth was always coming off. And, the last time it was at Rehab place so it was lost.

They said we had to go to lobby, but it was too cold and we had about a hour till transportation came back. Could not stay outside cause of weather so went into building where Mom’s bank is. Gave Mom the lunch I brought. I was too stressed to eat. I thought building was accessible, but it wasn’t really wasn’t. They don’t have automatic door openers. Had to sit outside cause I couldn’t stand for that long. Called service to tell them we could be picked up early and were at back of building that was the handicap entrance without automatic doors. But, no one showed at 1 pm. Called again and the woman’s SUV had broken down. Oy! Another driver was located but we waited to about 2 for driver who ended up being very fast. Mom liked him and so did I. Told him to go with Tuckahoe Rd to get to Parkway which is right around the strip mall on Tuckahoe.

Took Mom upstairs as fast as I could because she had to use bathroom. She did need help though and I she eventually hit button. She is very confused about when to use it. The woman who came fixed the wheelchair petals in seconds.

Don’t know what to do next but Mom thinks we should wait till she has her cleaning with AZ Dental in June. They could do the x-rays. She liked the man who drove her back. His car was better, and she sat next to me instead of back-by-back door so could actually see some of the outdoors as we drove back.

Post April 18, 2023:

Living in “stacked housing.” And, a Cooperative as well.

Neighbor upstairs was away for over 4 months (leaving before Thanksgiving) and came back this April. Heard her very noisy return. In elevator, she told me she had been in Spain. I did tell her that I knew she was home and when she said she was gone 3 months, I told her no it was more than that.

Then on Friday April 14, Carmen really drove me over the edge. Heard construction upstairs during the day. She often does construction without going through the building and/or doesn’t follow the building/city rules. She started on a Friday and then left a very loud machine on that I could hear very loudly in my bedroom. I knew I would not be able to sleep with this noise that sounded like a running motor surrounding my room.

I did call Management and ask for this to be turned off around 6pm. I did say I would call the police at 7 if it did not stop. Super Nick calls me and tells me the plan was for a ventilating fan to be on in a 2nd floor apartment. He would not even give me the apartment number though it was obvious to me it was 2A. He said he would come at 8pm but no show at 8:24 so I called Stillman again and that I would call police at 8:30 if the fan did not go off. They could have put fans on the windowsill, open the windows and run the motor at a lower level but this seemed like it was on the floor. Nick also told me the tenant wasn’t home. I knew she wasn’t in the apartment because I would have heard her.

Noise stopped at 8:30pm and I was able to sleep. But then the noise started up again on Sat in the early morning and continued till after 4. Then noise went on early morning Sunday and off before 5. Then Monday, fans went on before 8:30 and workers came after around 9:30. I left apartment and came back after 2pm. The workers were very noisey till just after 5 when ventilator went on again. Turned off before 7pm. This morning the fans went on early but when workmen came it went off around 9:30. So the fan could have been going over 55 hrs till Monday and then all night Tuesday. I suspect this might take all week.

Another person in the building on 4th floor (studio unit) said her apartment was damaged recently by a leak in the woman living above her and she got no help from building to pay for damages. There was mold damage and she had to go to a hotel.

So far, I don’t have damage that I can see but bathroom and closet area in bedroom must be affected. I did smell sewer like smell off and on for a while, but I used my normal methods of covering this up with perfume. But I still could have damage on the other side of my ceiling where water leaked. Years ago, there had been damage to my ceiling by the couple in 2A that were there before Carmen and then when Carmen did her bathroom in 2006, her unlicensed contractor torn out the walls and debris had come down into my apartment breaking through the heating vent area. I heard a lot of debris falling on the top of my ceiling so maybe this protected my ceiling. The debris was little pieces of sheet rock or a hard material that city said was not asbestos. I did have leaking from 2A and 3A but it was more like around my bathroom sink area. I did hire a contractor the building gave us that did my ceiling of bathroom over. I even had the paint for him to cover it all to match my walls.

Our building does not allow weekend construction (weekdays from 9am to 5pm) but city doesn’t allow after 7pm and 8am on weekdays and on weekends/holiday 7pm to 9:30. City does not allow moveable equipment noise related to construction everyday from 10pm and 8am unless they have a permit.

I sent emails to management and only response I got on Mon 4/18 that the shareholder had done remediation with insurance to fix her damage from a leak. That leak could have been the toilet and it spread to bedroom closet. I had no damage in my unit but who knows what the top of my ceiling looks like on the other side. I have had leaking there 3 times over the yrs. I had my ceiling fixed because of the damage left by leaks.

I was never notified that the noisy machine that I could hear in my bedroom, bathroom and even in living room would go all night and day for 3 or more days. I never got an answer about the building knowing about this and getting those required insurances and papers signed. City requires work like this to have special permission and all affected be notified. This was not the case. When the noise came back on Sunday, I called police to document the noise. I need proof of the noise. Policeman said the noise was in corner of bedroom by closet. Carmen was out of unit when they tried her apartment. She had been in and out all day on Sunday. Machines went off on Friday at 8:30pm, after 4 on Sat and then off on Sunday at 5ish. But they also went on Sat around 9:30 and on Sat also in morning. Then on Mon morning they went on around 9am. Then I heard construction noise after and it was loud. Contractors came back and were still banging away when I got home after 2pm. They left after 5 but fan was left on. I followed contractors to find out who they were when I went to get mail. They are licensed but why then were they not permitted and following City laws? Carmen turned off the one fan in bedroom around 6 or so and then later the one in bathroom that was not very loud.

Because of my lack of sleep and not being able to, I need to take naps. My head starts to push me down and I have no choice but to lie down. I am going to try to get a lawyer today with the NYSUt Legal Service I resigned up for. I might have to take Carmen and my building to small claims court. This action is not just against our buildings house rules but also city’s. I tried Building Dept but no one picked up and no one called back. I sent in a written contact form. This was just cruel! I did tell my building before this happened that my health was not good.

Post April 18, 2023:

Saw this listing this morning and it seems like a nice house. What do you think?

I could always put a bed in the den or dining area and put in a shower on the first floor if going upstairs is a problem.

After all the noise from my neighbor upstairs and the fact that I do not walk much anymore in the downtown or elsewhere living in an area that is far from things might be the deal. It is near North St where there is public transportation. I would be about the same distance to The Bristal where Mom is and I have been driving to hospital and all the doctors that I see that are around there. I don’t think I would have trouble selling my apartment and it seems I avoided real damage from the apartment above me. I have been smelling something really bad like the sewer and even smelled it yesterday. 2A will have to fix this or pay for this. I am keeping a lot of notes so if I have to sue her I will.

There is no natural gas for stove, the basement is unfinished, and house has oil heat. There is no central air but I guess I can put it in because there seems to be an attic. Chimney seems to be an issue but I don’t have to use it. The house is not very high priced. Kitchen cabinets are dated but I can live with that and vanity upstairs can be replaced. The front steps can be avoided using the back exit that seems level with very large lawn area around the property. I would have no sidewalk to shovel and there is a garage.

Post April 19, 2023:

I found the pictures of the party my parents had for the Schneiders before they moved out of their home in Yonkers. I thought I had thrown them out but I just took them out of the many albums my mother had.

I grew up with Carole Sue Schneider who was killed by a drunk lorry driver in the UK. I think it was in Scotland and Rabbi Wise of NEJC helped get her body back to the states. I still remember this as if it was yesterday. Out of all the high school and childhood friends, Carole kept in contact with me. If I remember correctly, she had plans to go to law school but died so tragically at age 26.

Her family had a truly tough time dealing with this tragedy and when her father Sam (pictured here in the stripped shirt) died, I went to his funeral since my parents could not go. (Joan is cutting the cake in the first picture). I think my parents were in Florida when Sam died. I found myself standing at Carole’s grave. She is buried at Sharon Gardens in Valhalla.

My parents ended up buying funeral plots in the gardens (though they had plots on LI) and they got a plot for me. I took them on a tour of the famous at the larger cemetery Kensico. I even led a hike there and once took black and white photos that I developed.

My Dad took up permanent residence there in 2013. He was 93 on 9-11-2013. Seems Joan also died a yr later and she was 93 as well.

I used to visit my Dad along with my mother each yr and did go during Covid once. There was no one in the Cemetary in 2020 during the shutdown but it was so peaceful, and I knew I would be safe. Dad is near the train tracks.

I posted this first with just Madelyn (Carole’s younger sibling) but she never responded so I posted for all my friends. I don’t know where I was that day along with my siblings, but we are not in any of the pictures. Unfortunately, many of those pictured are no longer with us. My mother was a member of NEJC till she fell in her home and went to White Plains to live. I did ask her if she wanted me to take her there or even to the house, she lived in for 67 yrs but she was not up to this. She also hasn’t visited my father since 2019 but thinks of him always. I always said my parents were tied at the hip and till his death they did everything together.

I do have more info about Paul Harrison my father on my website sandraharrison1954.com. I also have posts about his mother and my mother’s mother and my grandfather’s third wife that I interviewed in my senior year for a Sociology paper on my ancestry. I recently put that paper on the website. I actually kept 2 papers from 1972 and the other was on Art of the times.

Sorry about how I scanned the pics but I am still getting used to my new computer. There were a lot of pics.

April 20, 2023:

Did my DNA again with CRI Genetics and the results were more like that of Heritage DNA than Ancestry Results. But the countries tracing to all parts of the world were quite weird. According to tests my mother’s ancestry originated in what is now Kenya. 2.5 % ancestry from Arabia and 11% from Europe (Greek, Eastern Slavic and French).

April 23, 2023:

What did you do for Earth Day?

I cleared out my bedroom closet and recycled some old clothes and gave away a bunch more that no longer fit. And, I had so many socks without pairs that I just let them go. Will bring Mom, some as well. Her clothing just seems to have gone in the last two years. She once had clothes in like 4 closets in multiple rooms. At least the shoes I got her haven’t disappeared.

Also bought some more plants to put in the areas around my apartment building outside. I got edible plants since I feel they might feed some creatures or even humans. Got Basel, peppers and some flowers. Trying to start some with seeds but also bought some starter plants.

Also got more rocks to paint with words to put in areas where the grass has gone so people can create rock poetry or just let them be. I once put some really nice one in the seating area I dedicated to my Dad but those disappeared. Love going to nurseries and the one in WP Amodio’s did not disappoint.

Also went to look at two houses but open house is tomorrow on Bursley Place (right near where I lived from 1980 to 1988) and another on Albermarle but I got lost.

April 24, 2023:

Went to open house here. House needs work but I love the house. I can’t explain it. Very close to Hospital and all or most of my doctors.

Lived in Highland neighborhood from 1980 to 1988 on Davis.

There is a laundry room and accessible bathroom with walk in shower on first floor. Accessible entrance is on side of house off driveway. The roof looks good and no signs of issues on upper floor.

There is a basement with horrible steps and 2 upper floors.

No central air but I could put in those more energy efficient systems they have now with wall air-conditioning with a machine that goes outside. I have one portable and in process of ordering a 2nd.

There is no street parking but is so on next block over. There is Druss Park that was empty of people, but they have improved it with tables and playground. There is fencing on both sides and in back.

Garage is in back and there is a fence stopping one from going back there that would have to come down. All seasoned room is a closed in porch really and steps to it on both sides needs work.

Don’t need all the rooms but steps to first floor were fine. Bathrooms could use some upgrades.

I would put in more rain gardens in backyard and trim all the bushes back away from entrance. Delivery people can park on driveway, and I think a delivery truck can also park for moving in and delivering big items. There are only two steps up to front door, but this can have a ramp. I would have to shovel sidewalk but very small. I would have to clear walk for mail. I could still walk into BD but longer walk. But these days I am driving more and getting food delivered along with lots of other things.

Fireplace in living room and house could use installation. Lots of crap lying about and will need a deep cleaning inside and out like I did with my mother’s house. Oil heat but has gas for stove. Maybe that can be switched? Garage is big but door to inside is very heavy. It is used for storage of yard things.

Tax is about $14,000 and I would reduce it with the Star Program and sometimes the Enhanced star since SS is not counted as income for this. I would then use deductibles and might use all my medical expenses. I pay little in state tax or very little so most of property tax would fall into the below $10,000. I would get a mortgage and after sale of apartment I can use the money to fix things up and pay off more of mortgage.

April 28, 2023:

Stew Leonard dies at age 93 on 4/27/23. Always loved his store in Norwalk where I went during my college days with a college friend Marlene Lambert and her family. They had live animals out front. Went back as an adult a number of times over the years.

Then Leonard opened stores in Danbury and Yonkers. Once visited the Danbury store while nearby antique hunting. My parents loved the Yonkers store. Me, not so much. Childhood friend, Maureen Howell worked there as a cashier till she retired.

Mostly hated Yonkers store because of the parking lot. It was a traffic nightmare and I always thought I would get hit by someone either parking or walking. Mom though had no problems, and I went with her a number of times. Dad of course liked the samples.

My parents often shopped for groceries together at Finest while I was growing up. Sometimes I came along. Dad would get items while I pushed the cart, unload things at check out and pack up everything in paper bags (no plastic back in 60’s). He drove home and then would help take the packages to and from the car.

Oh, course in later life, my parents would go to stores alone especially when Dad retired. If I remember right, Mom thought Dad would always come home with some things not on the list like sweets. Either they went to Shoprite on Tuckahoe Rd or they would go to Stews. Dad also liked the ice cream cones he could get before going into the store. But, my father never seemed to gain weight and Mom would say he weighs what he did when they were first married (1949).

Like a Whole Foods and Turco’s of today, Stews was a very different place to shop. It wasn’t like Cosco, but many would stock up on certain items. They had items that went from the floor to way up above my head. The prepared foods sections and the fish/meat departments were just great.

Realize Stew retired a while ago but I do remember seeing from a boat his mansion off the coast of Norwalk. Went on a boat ride with Audubon who had these great Norwalk Harbor Bird Watching Tours that I see are still happening. They took us to a bunch of islands and I got an appreciation for bird watching back in my day. I used to see a lot of birds hiking in the woods during my younger days. I still wonder at all the birds I see in my neighborhood.

My Dad lived to 93 dying on 9-11-2013 and my mom is still kicking. She will be 92 this June 29. She sure is putting up a good fight to beat the odds of most of her family who died much younger. Her Mom died when she was 16 and she married at 18 to a guy that her father felt was not good enough. Dad born in Manhattan in 1920 came from a very poor Russian family. Parents actually met at a party that was down the hall from her apartment house in the Bronx. Dad was 11 yrs older than Mom. Mom had graduated from HS early and was working as a secretary in Manhattan not far from Empire State building.

And, so I ramble but my parents were very much glued to each other at the hip I would say. It was hard to separate them.

When I moved back from Maine in 1977 (after 18 months working as their first Sp Ed teacher), they were more than happy for me to come back to their Yonkers home till I could afford to move out as I did in 1980 after working at WPHS for two years.

As my siblings moved away to different states, my folks would often want me to go with them to restaurants and other places. Stews was one of those places. Even though I lived in White Plains, they would travel up to get me to take me out to dinner or to go somewhere else. I even took them to Broadway to see Arsenic and Old Lace (got tickets with TDF) that had a bunch of old famous actors like Jean Stapleton. By the time we got to the theater, I had to sit between them when they started arguing in the restaurant, we went to first.

Hope the Leonard family knows what a wonderful contribution their father made to those of us who have to shop for groceries and to those children who loved visiting the goats, chicks and cows. For many of us it was our first experience with farm animals up close and personal.

Post April 29, 2023:

Started composting in a small bin in my kitchen. Want to eliminate most of my garbage. I will be taking the scraps to White Plains Recycle Center since they started collecting scraps a number of yrs. ago.

Years ago, I asked my management to start composting in the back part of our building, but they weren’t interested. They could have mulched the leaves & made their own compost for their many bushes, flowers and trees growing on the property. I was willing to get the equipment needed for this and even would start a small community garden (off the ground in one of those boxes they sell) but this also was a no go.

Maybe, if I find my own house, I can do this. Also growing some plants to put outside in the memorial for Anderson and Harrison that I created in my neighborhood. I have tried growing grass, and some did grow by Anderson/Harrison memorial but too many people walk near the benches I paid for that city put in 2014. A lot of erosion there with some exposed areas under the benches now where there are anchors. This is with another two benches nearer to Main St. The dirt is so dry it is now sand in areas.

Also started putting out some rocks in an area under a maple tree near my building on Franklin with some have words on them. It is for rock poetry. So far the rocks I put out are still there. Some guy on a FB group I belong to said I should use nontoxic paint.

Next is to cover or paint the rusty metal on Amherst that I have asked city to get property owner to remove. The owner is in NYC and 2 lots were supposed to be an apartment building, but it never happened. Had to report to state about it being a zombie property because the city did nothing. Recently they cleared the two lots but this rusty thing is right by Amherst sidewalk that needs to be redone and across from Eastview where all 6th graders in district go to school. It is a hazard and ugly. Thinking of putting a garbage bag over it and attaching dog treats on it since people use the lots to walk dogs.

Being manic gets my juices going and I am doing like 10 different things at the same time. It’s crazy but productive.

April 29, 2023:

Composting isn’t difficult and the bins at Recycle Center were pretty full. I ordered recyclable bags and the process will be even easier next time. They take almost all food stuff, napkins, paper towels. I don’t have a smelling trash can anymore. The can I got for composting has a charcoal filter on top. Looks like lots of people are cutting their trash by recycling, giving away things and composting.

TILI shed wasn’t open but did not get an alert that it closed with the rain. I want to see if I can replace a chair and a table that I put in my mother’s apartment. I regret not taking the 2nd chair that she has in her unit that is very comfortable for guests that someone in my building put out for White Plains to take away.

City also has compost, dirt, chips, firewood for residents and one can recycle e waste, metal, and clothing. Wish they took air conditioners, but I did the last time with Westchester Recycling center in Valhalla and except for a car ride, it was really easy. I could also visit my Dad who I haven’t in a year. He is at just a few blocks away in Sharon Gardens.

Post April 29, 2023:

Update on Mom.

Made a few more changes to her setup to help her with the sight going. Stuck a toilet paper holder next to toilet on vanity and a see-through holder stuck to tiles in shower to hold shampoos and other items. Found things with Command company.

Found some of her shirts in the wrong drawers but at least I found them. Someone this week gave her washed socks without pairing them up. This is crazy. Mom pays like $10,000 a month now and they can’t put her socks together?

Some left the window open but at least the pollen in air went down to moderate (for trees). My nose stopped running as well and the rain helps a lot. Two days.

I realized that when and if Mom runs out of money, she can go into a senior building in White Plains and get 24 hr care with Medicaid. I will need to keep records going back 3 yrs for this while nursing homes require a look back of 5 yrs. The senior building on Franklin Av where I live was intended for handicapped. But they might have an age cut off at 95. Or I can find her an apartment and if I get a house and still kicking, I can put her in a room. This is why I rooms and bathroom on the main floor. A ranch is best but not many come up for sale.

Post April 29, 2023:

Radiation Treatment starts this week on Tuesday with positioning. They figure out area to beam radiation. Will have to lie still with positioning pillows holding my body in place. Feel like I am on Star Trek where they put people in a machine to give treatment.

Will then have 5 treatments every other day. Will be able to drive home. Might start that on May 9.

Am also concerned about kidneys and taking Jardiance added to my cocktail of meds. Stomach churning this morning and had to throw up though there was nothing there but liquid. Urine labs came out online, but they don’t seem really off. I am sure my Endocrinologist will call me about this and then she did around 1:15. Was she hearing my writing?

It is all a bit scary.

Post April 29, 2023:

My building made a few accommodations for me. They moved recycle bin away form my mailbox as I suggested. They also installed a light near my car.

My windows were fixed and the drain outside my kitchen was finally cleared. I had a small pond on what I call my terrace (upper garage). It is not great but better than what I had before where it was so dark going in and out of my trunk.

They still haven’t removed the couch in lobby liked I asked where this one woman who might weigh 80 lbs sits for hours. She attracts others who end up blocking my pathway through the lobby. She is nosey and was transferring packages from one side of lobby to the other. I also asked for this to be leveled so there are no stairs.

Yesterday, she was sweeping up the carpets that I walk on through the lobby. She did not move for me to pass. I told her this is a liability for our building because she is not insured as our employees are. And, it is their job, not hers. Sweeper (pan and broom) was in an unlocked closet in laundry room. I asked for this to be put in office that is locked. She also lets people in who should be buzzed in by residents. She is in a rent subsidized apartment and doesn’t share in the costs, so this is a liability. Our maintenance has gone up every year now (3 to 5%).

She also this week (Mon) had the nerve to come off the couch to tell me that the super was at lunch when he told me to come back after I went to doctors. Now she is keeping tabs on the Super and everyone else. They would not give me a shareholder list as law in NY allows because of privacy concerns but they allow this person and others to butt into our lives and talk about them to others. She wears a heavy mask like the same one every day but the safest place is in her apartment and not where many pass through.

I do not feel safe with her living in our buildings lobby for part of the day.

This is why I want to move.

I feel like I am in a senior living facility.

Also found a ramp that would help in garage and sent them a picture. The step into garage and out is too high.

Post April 30, 2023:

Wow, this house was great. I would have to make a ramp in one entrance like in back, but it was so clean and nice. I asked agent to put a bid on house. I know there will be a bidding war.


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