Diary of a Mad Jewish; Eggless Woman Venting & Doing Lots of Soul-Searching May 2023

Continuation of Facebook entries for May 2023

MAY 2023

Post May 1, 2023:

May first and the sun came out. Will it soon be time to put those plantings outside?

Put all my FB posts this year on my website for: “Diary of a Mad Jewish & Eggless Woman Venting & Doing Lots of Soul Searching.”

Changed the title when I heard that Kansas state just defined a woman as one who produces ova (eggs).

Also heard MTG badger Randi Weingarten (Head of AFT) this week saying she was not a real mother (because she did not actually have the child through her womb), teacher (because she no longer teaches) or a doctor because she has a Doctorate but is not a medical licensed doctor.

This requirement for being a mother to be being a teacher or even a good one was one I heard a lot during my 33.5 yrs. of teaching. Being a mother is not a requirement to teach otherwise men would not be able to teach or be good ones.

Post May 2, 2023:

Radiation Treatment-

Went today for positioning for radiation treatment. It was not at all what I expected and will have to have like radiation every day for a month starting at the end of next week and going till June 5.

After drinking barium, I had to lie very still on what seems like a CT Scan machine completely topless. Hands go over head, but they had two handles for me to hold onto. After what seemed like a long time (25 min or more) they came out and put little markers (tats) on the outside of my abdomen area. Room is kept cold, and it was hard for me not to move or sneeze. Thank heavens I bought a bottle of water before going into the lowest floor of the cancer center.

Also found out I lost out on the house on Crane Ave and will be looking at one at 30 Ridgeview Ave in the Fisher Hill neighborhood. I will have to check out the terrain and it is near the Bronx River and train.

Post May 4, 2023:

Used to think San Diego CA was the best place in the US to live weather wise. It was though expensive otherwise. But, with climate change, so has San Diego. What a shame. I remember going there one summer for a class and a combined vacation. Stayed in a person’s home who did a Bed and Breakfast thing. Rented a really cheap car (Rent a Wreck) and it was such a wreck that it had to be replaced.

Post May 5, 2023:

IRS actually helped my Mother with her taxes. Mother just got a refund from IRS that was charged as a penalty for not paying pre-taxes last yr though I I told the H&R Block guy this. Mom did not pay taxes last year so there was no penalties but luckily IRS caught this and gave a refund. Of course she had to pay taxes of about $3000 but by paying it on April 15, she saved some with interest she got on that money.

I still have to research the survivor benefit she gets from Dad but haven’t had time to do this. I would have had to do my mother’s taxes over for 2022 but IRS saved me time and energy. That was a nice surprise. Now with her added medical costs, I don’t think she will have to pay taxes for 2023.

I still have to do mine over since investment company sent me a revision. Maybe I can do that myself but I will see. Being manic actually makes me more productive.

Post May 6, 2023

This copy is a prayer my mother gave me long ago that got me through some tough times dealing with impossible situations and impossible people. I hope it helps you.

Found it while clearing and cleaning my apartment. Not religious, but I do believe in the power of prayer.

Other food for thought:

“You are what you eat, but you become what you think.”

“There are no failures, but lessons to be learned,” and this came from a Barbara Streisand song. I used to play it at work and posted it so my students would understand that everyone makes mistakes and has problems, but it is how we handle them that truly makes the difference. You can’t overcome anything unless you want it.

“Mind over matter.”

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