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Preparing for Surgery

There are many things that one has to prepare for in life but planning for surgery is something one needs to do in order to get through it. Most important is to be emotionally and physically ready for what is to come. I find that… Continue Reading “Preparing for Surgery”

Ketogenic Diet & Diabetes

My sugar is down & surprisingly lost 20 lbs. Started change in diet in middle of Dec. 2017 by eliminating bread followed by all grain products (rice; soy) while cutting down on fruit (1/2 to 1 cup). Cutting down on carbs lowered my glucose… Continue Reading “Ketogenic Diet & Diabetes”

Dealing With A Noisy Neighbor

What can you do about a noisy neighbor and get results? Been dealing with a really bad neighbor about 12 years. Live in Co-op as a share holder. Offender is also share holder. Going through building management/Board, police or even approaching neighbor just did… Continue Reading “Dealing With A Noisy Neighbor”

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