White Plains, NY History

Updated sections from the book White Plains, New York: A City of Contrasts can be found under the following entries for:
White Plains (WP) and the American Revolution
War Remembrances from the Battle of WP,
Westchester County Seat and Government,
Waterways in White Plains,
WP’s 1st Village St, WP Older Houses, Historic Traces in WP BD,
Houses of Worship, WP Schools History,
Buried in WP,
WP Quarry & Farms,
WP Historic Businesses & Organizations,
Memorials in WP
WP Hospitals.
Sources for book are listed in a separate entry Sources for Further Study of WP.
Other entries about WP (not found in the book) can be found on this website are:
Demographics in White Plains, What’s in a Name:
The Bar Building, Battle of WP video,
Art in WP,
The Arts in White Plains: Past and Present, Seeking History One Foot at a time:
WP’s Walking Tours,
Where is the Mamaroneck River in WP,
What’s in a name? Bloomingdale Rd vs Bloomingdale’s,
Presidents in WP, Martine Ave,
Coloring for Adults: WP Photos,
WP Neighborhoods,
Origin of Names of Places in WP,
Transportation in WP, How Well Do You Know WP?,
Parking in WP,
Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route National Historic Trail
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