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Sandra Harrison was born in Bronx, New York and lived most of her early life in Yonkers. She began teaching in Bridgewater, Maine and ended her career as a Special Education Teacher with the White Plains School District in 2009. While working at White Plains High, Sandra honed her skills as a photographer. Sandra has been a resident of White Plains since 1980.

In 2013, Sandra published her book, White Plains, New York: A City of Contrasts with The paperback and e-version are available through Lulu and other online book distributors.  Sandra’s other published book, Saving the Gorilla, is also available for sale.

The pre-published texts of her books and other unpublished works can be found on this website.


  1. I hope some of the areas on the Battle of White Plains helps you. I am still working on the work because things come up and things change. I hope to make the work into a book to give copies to schools and library in White Plains in 2013. I hope you find what you are looking for. It is not easy to find things that are still here from the past. I finally found the Black Cemetery in the Silver Lake Preserve this last summer while looking for a old home from 1700’s which might still be on Hall Ave. There is a new book out by Richard Sullivan with his take on the American Revolution but it is out at the library. It might have something for you.


  2. Sandra,
    Would you be able to point me in the right direction to find out historical information regarding the cottage at 1305 Mamaroneck Avenue? The house has a marker from 1910 and I believe it was a church. I am interested in details about its uses. Thanks


    1. Are you sure you have the right address. I don’t even know if it is in White Plains even though it has the White Plains address. If it is in White Plains you can call the company Santhigram Wellness Center who are in the building to find the owner or call 914 240-1417. This I got from But, I have never had luck e-mailing owners for information. If the property is in White Plains, then the Assessors office 914 422 1223 would have information. I usually went in person and I do not know if they give out info online. They usually have the property listed but not always the date of original construction. Where did you get 1910? If the map has the right structure it is big stone but I do not know if it had been a church. My research never led me to this place. There is a former church on West St. that became Rosedale School and now is a house.


      1. I did not realize that you are the company in the house. Sorry! I really don’t know how to help you. I don’t know if the White Plains Historic Society can help you but you can try posting on their forum. No one has been answering the listings so you can try just e-mailing the President. I have also tried listing on the Facebook page for the WP Historic Society but I never got an answer. I did most of my research at the Westchester Archives library as well as the White Plains Library Local history room but I don’t recall coming across this structure. If you bought the building, a lawyer would have done a search on the property. The court has land records but I never had luck with this. There is a search engine on their website (Westchester County Clerk Office). I found searching for many of the properties in White Plains very frustrating.


  3. Thanks Sandra. We are renting the property and the landlord doesn’t have too much information on the original uses of the property. There is an old church window in the attic that has been cemented over and a plaque on the building that just states the year 1910. I will start with the White Plains library and go from there. Feel free to stop by and visit our center anytime, it is a wonderful little house.


  4. Hi Sandra! You’ve done an excellent job presenting the history of White Plains… thank you so much for this. Here is a question that I have for you.. the land along Chatterton Parkway, by Battle Hill, that faces the Bronx River – who owns that… does the City of White Plains?


    1. Did you read my book or did you just read my blog? The book is much different but I think the donated copy that I gave to White Plains Library for circulation has disappeared. Hopefully, the Local History copy is there but you have to go to the library to see. As I explain in my book the boundaries of White Plains changed over time. You can see the present border for White Plains on Google maps by putting “White Plains NY map” in the Google search engine. Before the American Revolution, all land west of the Bronx River in the Battle Hill area was owned by Philispe Manor (you can look this up). After the war, the land was confiscated by the US because the Philispe family were Tories and supported the British during this time. The land then became part of Greenburgh. It was not till 1916 when White Plains became a city, that the land was annexed and became part of White Plains. The Bronx River Preserve along the Bronx River Parkway completed in 1925 is a Westchester Park but the area below Battle Hill is still within the White Plains’ borders. As to who owns the property, I am not sure. The Parkway is under NY State control and the parkland is maintained by Westchester County. The area is a hill and there are no houses there. Looking at individual addresses of homes does not help because the zip codes are not by municipalities. Right before the Battle of White Plains on Chatterton Hill just south along the river where Hartsdale is located a skirmish took place between the American Rebels and the British. I hope this helps.


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