Ketogenic Diet & Diabetes

My sugar is down & surprisingly lost 17 lbs. Started change in diet Dec. 2017 by eliminating bread followed by all grain products (rice; soy) while cutting down on fruit (1/2 to 1 cup).

Cutting down on carbs lowered my glucose level (5.6 to 4.9). Went off Metformin in Feb. Not watching calories as much but there are real no, no’s (fruit juice, starchy vegs (potato, corn; some squashes) & fruits like bananas). Berries are the best fruit. Salads can not be all veggies. Add protein, nuts or cheese, and fruit should also be eaten with something else like nuts or cheese). Watch dairy products (look for low carb; low fat) but there are alternatives to milk (almond or coconut). Drink water, diet sodas, almond or coconut milk; coffee with artificial sweeteners.

Breakfast: English Breakfast with 2 eggs, tomato, mushrooms & bacon fried up.

Lunch: Chicken breast & melted cheese.

Dinner: Salmon, steak, low fat hamburger or other meat with vegetable casserole of spinach, ricotta, parmesan, mozzarella cheese with spices.

Snack: Greek yogurt (low fat flavored Damon), strawberries, small apple with some pecans, lox & cheese, small hotdogs with mustard.

Saw a diabetes specialist to learn to use glucose meter and she gave me Lilly lists for what to eat. I am obese and have cholesterol issues so size of portions for protein and dairy products must be made. Coconut or almond milk is better than cow milk. Soy is not always a better choice. Did research online and even tried cauliflower pizza (store bought ones have salts and sugars added) and no bread eggplant parmesan.

Started going off bread in December 2017 and then all wheat products (breads, breaded meat or vegetables, cookies; cakes) and cutting down on fresh fruit (1/2 to 1 cup daily). Any processed food had to be low carb with little or no added sugars (including honey, maple syrup and any other sugars in liquid forms).

Vegetables and fruits also have to be low-carb choices. Fruits had to be eaten with a no carb (dairy, nuts and/or protein). Potatoes and other starchy choices like corn were out. Found recipe for fries with white radish (found in Asian markets). Salads need protein or nuts. I came up with my spinach casserole.

Switched to Ketogenic diet by making no-bake cookies from recipe book that got me through sugar cravings. The recipe uses sugar substitutes; I used stevia. For yogurt, check labels to find the one with lowest carbs/sugars.