What’s It All About?

What self righteous God would put a bunch of creatures in a place

To fight each other just to live?

What’s that all About?

Why do we even try to live,

When it’s a struggle

Just to find shelter, food and water?

It just doesn’t make sense.

Maybe to some, but not to me

We are born, we live and then we die

What’s with that cycle of life?

Some creatures live buried in the dirt,

While others live out in the sea

Some build holes in the ground

While others just don’t even bother.

Some stay put while other are constantly on the move.

Humans though seem to have evolved into creatures

That can’t just be content with a hole in the ground or with just some food, air and water

But, have to build cities and roads

With a need to navigate about

And looking for more than just mere existence and survival

Why is that?

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