It Began With A Dot


Wrote children’s story in college (around 1974) and performed it with puppets. It was part of a reading readiness program I developed for kindergarten and first graders. It was taught through art activities on color, lines, and shapes.

There was a Dot.
That could jump over rocks…
bounce up and down…
or roll down mountains.
It loved most of all to travel around the world.
But one day the little dot became very sad. It no longer enjoyed jumping over rocks or rolling down mountains. It was so sad that he began to cry.
One day, Dot took a walk and met another little dot just like himself.

They talked and soon became friends. Dot was no longer sad because now it had a friend.
Dot and friend became very close.
When on a walk Dot and friend met a new dot, very much like each other. Friendly Dots asked the new dot to join them. And, it did and so together the dots went on their merry way. They grew close.
As Dots traveled the world, they met many more dots who joined them.
The Dots were really close and were never apart. From far away the dots formed a line. Lines are made up of a bunch of dots close to each other. And as a line, the dots could do such marvelous things like…
going straight ahead…
or straight up in the sky…
or down toward the ground.
They could go across a page in slants.

Or, up and down together in a zigzag line.

Then they smoothed out their edges and looked like ocean waves or rolling hills.

The line could swerve and curve in all sorts of twists and turns.

Become very thin, or then very thick.

It could even get fancy and become a design,

or make a mess of lines going in every direction,

In their adventures they found many other lines just like themselves.

They found lines in a spiders web

and in the palm of a hand

They found that the branches of a tree were like lines going in every direction.

Can you help us find more lines?

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