Line Getting into Shapes

Second part of book “It Began With A Dot” here:

Line made up of dots played a game. Dot at head of line chased its tail

…till it caught it. Circle is a shape made from a line that is very round and begins and ends in the same place.

Circle could be many new things like a ball that could bounce or roll. What do you think circle could become?
While rolling one day, a big foot squished circle into an oval. Oval could no longer roll.
Oval could only wobble and became very sad.
Oval tried to widen its sides becoming a square. All four sides were equal in length. Square looked like a box made of four connecting straight lines.
Square broke up forming squares big and small. Squares decided to stack on top of each other to become a tower. And, best part is knocking it down.
Stretching, square reached to the clouds where its sides were longer than its top and bottom. Square was now a rectangle.
Rectangle high in the sky could see the world below. Spotted below was a mountain with a nice new shape on top.
Rectangle took away a side to become a triangle
Changing the lengths of its sides, triangle could transform into different triangles. But, no matter how big or small triangle became, it still was a triangle.
Triangle could have so much fun being this shape. Triangle could become a roof top or somebody’s hat. What else could a triangle become.
When triangle got tired of being this shape, it could become any other shape it wanted. A pentagon with five sides, a star, a cross or even a heart. Can you make a different shape?
Line discovered that the world is made of shapes. Can you find shapes in the picture. Or in the world about you?

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