Things To Do Near and Far from White Plains

One would never think White Plains (WP) was a tourist destination. Sure people come to the City for work, it’s courts, shopping and to go to school but, the City does attract people for events and other attractions.

New Years is an alternative to NYC’s Times Square event but some of its parades attract people from the south. St Patrick’s Day is one such event. After the parade, there are those who party at local bar restaurant.

There are many destinations that one can get to with a short ride or even a walk. NYC is a train ride away and is convenient from NWP as well as WP. Others might even use the Scarsdale/Hartsdale stations.

Westchester has major attractions that those in WP can partake. Playland in Rye is one destination. Westchester Country Parks are just a walk, bike or car ride away. Westchester County Center has many events and activates for residents. One can ride or walk along the Bronx River or a dip in the pool at Saxon Woods parks. Two golf clubs at County parks Maple Moor (under construction) and Saxon Woods.


ArtsWestchester Gallery in White Plains

White Plains Art Gallery and Local History Room

Bruce Museum in Greenwich

Katonah Museum on Rt 22 and a visit to town by train is worth a look.

Hudson River Museum in Yonkers

(WPPL has passes to some museums in area and NYC)

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