Our Country has always been divided

And, you might ask, “When did we ever get along?”

From USA’s early existence

Through its Revolutionary past

And, now with the most recent Jan 6 insurrection

Reasons might have been different

But none the less,

There were always things to be unhappy about.

Even without phones, TV or computers.

People just didn’t always get along,

With their governments,

Their neighbors,

Or even their families.

Many came to America for this very reason,

And, things just didn’t improve as the country expanded.

Its a wonder how we ever got together to fight a war,

Against the British Empire.

Articles of Confederation took years to sign

And, even after it was, there were problems.

Violence was often a part of the American experience

No surprise there, actually.

Now, we have Twitter; Facebook to divide us

With others just trying to stir things up

Guess nothing ever changes,

And. perhaps nothing ever will.

Protect yourself,

Your future.

And, it might be best to figure out a way through it

Without driving you nuts.

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