Ideas for the Home

I hated the old bathroom I have especially with the old tooth brushes and soap dispenser above the sink. I took a piece of wood and put across so I have a shelf instead. Using a jar from yogurt container for tooth brush.

Recent visit to Gardening center in Bedford had some nice things among the plants. Love the head in the garden and other things. Water fountains inside and out and ornaments can fix up a garden.

Doing laundry in an apartment without a washing machine can be difficult. One has to go to the designated laundry rooms and my building has sent us several notices over the years that the building does not have to provide us with a laundry room. Since 2010, I have done little laundry is the basement or in lobby area of my building where there are 2 small rooms with a total of 5 washers and 4 dryers.

I wash either clothing in a bucket in my tub or wash items in my big sink. I then hang dry items in the shower area and then after in the bedroom on a rack after the water drips out. My clothes actually last longer and I have less shrinkage. I have to do small washes, but I just let things soak in detergent and then rinse out again. I wash one sheet at a time. I also can do this anytime and not have to wait till 7am and do washes after 10pm. I do not have to wait for a cleared machine and do not have to find a dryer after the wash is done. I don’t have to deal with other dogs, and I worry about how clean everything is when I fold my clothing. Also concerned for others going through my clean laundry and sometimes it is dumped on a counter or on top of the machines.

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