Don’t know when exactly but fell in love with Lighthouses as a teenager. And, don’t remember which one I saw first or climbed first. I have since my teen years visited or viewed lighthouses. Perhaps, it is why I fell in love with Edward Hopper’s paintings. He painted a lot of lighthouses.

Framed Lighthouse at Two Lights Print
Lighthouse at two lights in Maine by Hopper

Perhaps, it is the light itself at the top with all the mirrors or a romantic notion about bringing sailors home from out at sea has attracted me but often a lighthouse lets you know that the shore is there. The in turn the lighthouses give me hope like the beacon of light they send off.

Lighthouses I have visited include:

Block Island Lighthouses visited but only from outside. Remember a lot of birds at the South Light. I went out of season in April many decades ago when a snow storm hit the East Coast and closed the Ferry for a number of days. It could have been the April Fools Blizzard of 1997. I remember walking along the coast line where the lighthouse stood and ice was spitting at me from the sea. I remember though a fence around the perimeter so I could not get close.

North Light House, Block Island, RI
See the source image
Southeast Light, Block Island, RI
Cape May Lighthouse
Image result for Montauk Point Light. Size: 190 x 100. Source:
Montauk, LI Lighthouse
Cape Cod Light House with brother and mother

Only viewed lighthouse from the New Jersey side of the bridge when I used to walk the trail below the Palisades. Shore path walked was from Alping NY to just below the Bridge.

Red Lighthouse under George Washington Bridge
See the source image
New Haven Lighthouse

West Coast:

Point Reyes Lighthouse was the most thrilling and for me the most dangerous climb to one with all those steps going down toward Pacific Ocean. The wind was so strong. I did explore the inside as well.

Point Reyes Lighthouse just North of San Francisco

Alcatraz Island Lighthouse

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