Ice Cream White Plains Style

Ice Cream Social a new ice cream shop is trending on Face Book (FB) and with Westchester Magazine. The store is at a former gas station that was featured in an old add for the Chinese Restaurant that used to be across the street. Then it became a flower shop. They have parking but locale is a bit off from rest of Downtown. I would get teens to push ice cream into Downtown or get a truck to bring ice cream to Farmer’s Market and other parts of City but there are other places in WP to get ice cream.

See the source image
Former gas station that is now Ice Cream Social.

At one time there were more ice cream shops but many closed like Carvel, Basket and Robbins and Häagen-Dazs on Mamaroneck Ave. I was a frequent user of those shops and ice cream shop at City Center Cold Stone Creamery. Then we had the frozen yogurt shops that are mostly closed.

Ice Cream/Frozen Yogurt Shops in White Plains:

Cold Stone Creamery at City Center on Mamaroneck Ave.

Ice Cream Social on Mamaroneck Ave.

16 Handles


Haagen-Dazs at The Westchester

Restaurants often serve deserts with ice cream/frozen yogurt choices:

T-swirl Crepe 151 Mamaroneck

Ice cream is still available at the grocery shops in White Plains and some smaller shops.

Whole Foods

Stop & Shop


Image: Daddy Michael's | Daddy Michaels was located On Mamaroneck A… | Flickr
Ice Cream Parlor of the past on Mamaroneck Ave

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