Larry James

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Learned this from Buckout Road FB (Facebook) posting:

“This is Larry James.

“At the racially charged 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico City, the former White Plains High School track star stood tall and won multiple Olympic Medals. The games were held just a few months after the assassinations of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy.

Known as “The Mighty Burner,” the 6′, 150 pound James achieved a silver medal in the 400 Meter Dash, and along with his teammates, captured Olympic gold by shattering the world record in the 400×4 relay. James ran the third leg of the race, clocking an astonishing 43.9 seconds. To put in perspective, Usain Bolt, who is known for his shorter distance runs, has a career-best time of 45.28 in the 400 meters, and the current world record, held by South Africa’s Wayde van Niekerk, is 43.03.

Shortly after the Olympics, the fastest man from Westchester County proudly joined the US Marine Corps and rose to the rank of major. In 2003, he joined Jesse Owens, Wilma Rudolph, and Carl Lewis in the National Track and Field Hall of Fame.”

There are videos on line for those interested.

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