Getting Rid of a Nuisance-Bottle Collectors

How can you get rid of nuisance in White Plains?

Bottle collectors go onto others property and often make a mess of recycle bins while making a lot of noise. Bottle collectors take over whole sidewalks with their bags and do not clean the recyclables as required so they often muck up the machines at grocery stores.

Get rid of them by taking off the labels of soda, beer and water bottles and punching holes in cans where barcodes are. Crush cans and water bottles so they take up less room in your bins.

It is actually illegal for people to enter your property to go through your bins and take things from your property. It is also illegal for them to take the recyclables left for city on sidewalks. Let teens go from door to door collecting cans and bottles so they can make summer money if you want your bottles/cans to go to someone.

2 Comments on “Getting Rid of a Nuisance-Bottle Collectors

  1. I hear you. However in my experience they come to the end of the curb not my property at all and do not make a mess. This has just been my personal experience. Also if someone needs money to be doing such an unpleasant task, I wouldn’t make a difficult life more difficult.


    • It is against WP City ordinances to take the recyclables on City property. That is the edge of your property and you are lucky they do not leave a mess. But the noise is horrible near me with the bottle room at Stop & Shop. You have no idea about the finances of those picking through your recyclables and City makes money on the recyclables so you get lower taxes. These people are breaking the law but I guess that’s okay. We have people that go onto properties and go through cans by houses. You are then responsible for them if anything happens and they get hurt. The noise on my driveway is just like 20 min of opening up a whole buildings stuff. Davis Ave has people who leave a mess. But if you have no issue, then this is not a nuisance for you and you might as well leave a separate bag for them to take. I once tried to return my recyclables but it is impossible to get a machine at Stop & Shop.


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