How Well Do You Know White Plains?

Not until I joined Facebook did I find out how many people reminiscence about old White Plains (WP). Many were former residents who remember the City before Urban Renewal (1966-1980) when much of the Business District (BD) demolished for revitalization.

Just a start for my questions about White Plains:

1.Where was the location of the purchase of the White Plains that was a treaty with 17 sachems (chiefs) of the local Native American tribes?

Though not historically accurate (dress of natives and teepees) this was drawn by John Rosch and it hangs in City Hall in City Clerk’s Office.

2. Where did the men that purchased White Plains come from?

3. When the purchase was made, in what Colony was White Plains a part of?

4. Who actually created some of White Plains’ earliest streets and can you name them?

5. Can you name a man-made lake or pond in White Plains that is still around?

6. Where was the location for the reading of the Declaration of Independence read in White Plains?

See the source image

7. Why did White Plains become the county seat and with what community did it share this role for decades?

8. How many County Court houses did White Plains have before the present one? And, do you know what happened to them?

9. What “happening” in White Plains had the greatest effect on the community?

10. Do you know which house of worship was White Plains’ first? Do you know where the latest one is being built and for what religion?

11. Before cars, how did the people get about in White Plains?

12. Ever wonder why there is a park in the middle of Broadway? How did that come about?

13. Where can you find an eagle motif or an actual sculpture of one in White Plains? What about a motif or sculpture of a soldier(s)?

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