Parking in White Plains

During the Coronavirus shut down of 2020, White Plains installed some 10 free spots in Business District (BD) for pick up and there are no parking fees at The Source and The Westchester (at certain entrances) but not sure how this is being monitored.

Parking is a challenge everywhere, but very much problematic for those in White Plains (WP). No overnight parking is allowed on the streets between 2 and 6am. Most meters require payment (M-Sat) start at 9am but the cut off in the evening varies by location.

Parking on many WP streets in the busiest areas are metered and many streets have limited parking or none at all. The City has numerous metered and/or permit parking lots that require a fee. Some monthly permits require residency. See the City’s website for information at under City Department section on Parking & Traffic (

City provides an app for paying parking fees with phone (parkwhite City offers residents a permit for parking at some City garages at night and weekends for $75 a year. A pre paid cash key is available for meters requiring coins. Some areas around City offer 15 min. free parking on Mamaroneck Ave (like at Iron Tomato) and at White Plains Public Library. WP offers free weekend parking at N WP Train Station. On Sundays and certain holidays (Thanksgiving, Dec 25, Jan 1, Memorial Day, Labor Day; July 4) street parking is free and there is no time limits. Make sure to read the meter to be sure.

There are private parking lots and garages that are available for parking outside of the City’s lots. There are websites and apps to help locate parking and even help booking a space. Price comparisons are given. Inrix parkme (; Spothero ( are two.

There are restaurants, stores & other businesses that offer parking for their customers or clients for free and others offer parking credit at pay lots: Bloomingdale’s, Stop & Shop, The Container Store, Thomsoms Art Supply, Sam’s of Gedney Way, WP Diner, TD Bank, Pedigree Ski Shop, CVS (at 325 and 452 Mamaroneck Ave & N Broadway), WP Chrysler Jeep Dodge, Westchester Burgers, New Deal Deli as well as stores along Mamaroneck Ave behind Saxon Pharmacy (460) & WP Bakery and UPS Store (366) where the lot is also used by CVS. Rosedale shops (Lombardi’s, K&S Cleaners, Chase, Deli and Pharmacy) offer free parking.

U.S. Post Offices at Fisher Ave and Gedney PO offer parking. Burke Rehabilitation Hospital, NY Presbyterian Hospital, as well as medical offices at former St. Agnes Hospital grounds offer free parking for patients.

Some City parks offer parking (Liberty, Gardella (at Church St School but not during school hours), Gillie, Purdy House, Baldwin, Battle Hill and Delfino Park) and schools have visitor parking on their campuses. Parking during non-school hours is available especially to use ball fields, tennis courts and city parks near-by.

NY State Department of Labor has parking at 120 Bloomingdale Rd. (parking temporarily is at Bloomingdale’s lot during construction). Ballard-Dullard and McMahon, Lynn and Hartnett Funeral Homes have parking lots. YWCA on North St, Maple Moore Golf Course and Westchester Hills Golf Club offer parking. Garden Centers such as Ridgeway, Gedney and Amadio’s offer parking.

Many religious centers offer parking for their congregants throughout the City.

Westchester County has parking for employees and jurists at Michaelian Building and Court House. Federal Court has an employee parking lot. There is a fee at County Center lot but there are times where one does not get charged. County Parks like Saxon Woods and Maple Moor Golf Course offer free parking.

Parking credit is offered by Shoprite, Whole Foods, Westchester Road Runner and Showcase Movie Theater when purchasing drinks and snacks. I’m sure there are others but not aware if them.

Valet parking is offered at some locations in the city (City Center, The Westchester, Cambria Hotel and White Plains Hospital).

The Westchester has free 30 min parking on Paulding Ave.

City is very aggressive enforcing it’s parking regulations but there are places where enforcement is less often at night and on weekends. Many park in lots that they are not customers to avoid fees. One place is Stop & Shop and non-metered streets close to malls. Holidays not allowing free parking and weekends have even less monitoring.