“Slumberland, on the way to Wonderland”

No, I’m not Alice.

Feeling more like a Mad Hatter.

I do know, though,

That I’m not in Kansas.

Can’t stop watching,

The drama taking place in the Capital.

The bad guys seem to be winning.

Protesting doesn’t seem to matter

Though protestors at Capital hearings seem out of place.

America has done itself harm,

By electing the most disrespectful,

Dishonest fool that I have ever known.

And, the anger and hate that has followed is scary.

It’s like being in a long dark tunnel

With no end in sight.

Creepy crawlers all about.

Just looking for truth and hope.

Don’t usually follow the process of selecting our nation’s Cabinet secretaries

But I was curious

Like a moth drawn to the light.

Once the Senate votes in a bunch of billionaires

The country will be in the hands of a bunch of billionaires

Who live in a world so far removed from the rest of us.