Seeking History One Foot At A Time: White Plains’ Walking tours

At Colonial Day June 18, 2016 in Tibbits Park, City Clerk’s Office gave out two walking tours to explore the past:

My walking tour from a number of years ago. Park at NWP (free on weekends) and walk South to Parkway walking path, go under tracks at tunnel, head East to N Broadway looking for Heritage trail markers, go into WP Royal Cemetery, then go back to road, go down Westview to see Miller Home (blue by 287, go back to N Broadway, stop at church, on to Tibbits, on to Armory on Mitchell, see Mitchell House on Mitchell Pl, go back to Westchester Mall going in or around to Hospital on Bloomingdale. Go back on Westchester Ave to N Broadway to Good Council, and back to car. :

Heritage Trail is available through White Plains Historic Society and for Washington Rochambeau Revolutionary Trail a National Park Trail has its own website. Markers are in WP are in Tibbits Park. More info can be found in other entries of this website.

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