“Gilbert Cannan and His Mill” by Mark Gertler

Saw “Finding Netherlands” musical on Broadway and there was a scene with a merry go round and all I could think was that’s Mark Gertler’s painting. Women had hats with the flat tops just like in painting. There are videos you might access for “Circus of Your Mind” from play.

J.M. Barrie (the character in “Finding Netherlands” that the play is based on is related to Mark Gertler by way of Gilbert Cannan.  Porthos, Barrie’s dog, is portrayed in the painting of Gilbert Cannan and his Mill. Cannan and Barrie were acquainted.

The song number of “Circus of Your Mind” had a part that was just like the “Merry Go Round” painting of Gertler where actors used poles surrounding Barrie in the play.

My reference in my play of going   “round and round” I found in article I found online:

My Daily Art Display today is all about the artist and the person who is the subject of the painting.  The artist who painted today’s featured painting was Mark Gertler and the painting which he co…

Source: Gilbert Cannan and his Mill by Mark Gertler

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