Hamilton Avenue

wp-stampAlexander Hamilton has been getting a lot of attention these days due to the success of the play “Hamilton,” but Hamilton has always been a part of White Plains’ historic past.

Not only were streets named after him (Alexander & Hamilton Ave) but his likeness was used on 1926 mural and stamp created by Edmond F Ward to celebrate the nation’s birthday.  The mural was originally made for the Grand Street Post Office but was given to City after post office closed. It now hangs in the White Plains Public Library.

During the Battle of White Plains, the young Hamilton of the New York Artillery Company was stationed on Chatterton Hill. He commanded one of two cannons stationed on the hill now known as Battle Hill.

Alexander’s image is on every US $10 bill and is one of New York’s most famous citizens. Hamilton died in 1804 at age 49 from the wound he received during his duel with Aaron Burr.

Recently, a descendant of Hamilton visited White Plains.









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