Will Never Surrender to a False God

Will never surrender to a false god,

Even if it means being alone.

Never was a follower,

Made my own path in my journey of life.

It can be lonely sometimes.

But I would rather be dead,

Then give my soul to a false god.

Never will be a sheep,

Blindly following the herd.

I will then forge forward with my eyes wide open,

Even as I lose my sight.

Want to make up my own mind,

Live my own true self,

To be truly free.

Standing on top of the mountain,

Or on top of a building.

Looking down at what is the glorious Earth.

Letting in the sunshine,

Exposing every bit of me,

Letting out my fears.

Time to break out of my isolated pandemic life.

And get back to the things I once enjoyed.

Scared, yes.

But it is time.

How about you?

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