Bits and Pieces: Poetry & Sayings


“God did not create religions, men did.”

“Tomorrow is just a day away from today.” (my year book from HS 1972)

~Bits from writings for plays and novel ideas:


– For chance to dream

-Per chance to hope

-I’m not afraid of having dreams

-As long as I know they’ll never be

-Dreams help the hurt go away, the day to day reality of everyday living



-Fantasies are just illusions of the mind

-Fairy tales and children’s tales



Memories of another day

Fading in and fading out

Caught between pages of one’s life

Wilting away from the recesses of one’s mind

Yesterday was just a day away from today

But, often yesterday’s get muddled in the mind


I can’t remember his name

I can’t remember his face


Good times

Bad times

Why do they all seem the same when thinking about the past?

Past memories gone cold to far places of one’s mind

Holding on to dreams,

Holding on to memories as they slip away.

Losing sight of what had been,

Like the pages in a history book.

Forgotten lines,

Forgotten places;

Forgotten faces.

Fading in and fading away from inner places of one’s mind (memory).

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