Reducing/Reusing/Recycling Advice/Tricks to Help Mother Earth

Caring for Mother Earth is work but it can also save you money. Organizing one’s “stuff” is important to cut waste, make room for other things and to find things when you have a need. Knowing you have enough of the things you need when you need it (like batteries, detergents, cleaners and paper goods).


  1. Clean out glass jars and use to store items, drinking glasses and to store sauces/drippings from cooking to reuse or let jell to throw out/compost. To clean out left food, fill with hot water and put on cover to shake, flush and redo till clean. Let soak to remove insides and to take off labels for reuse. I used a small jar to hold a toothbrush.
  2. Reuse plastic/paper
  3. Reuse packing materials to mail out items.

Reuse Paper/plastic bags from stores:
1. Store in a place for easy retrieval.


1. Sell

2. Donate (library, senior centers)

Old Clothing:

1. Donate usable clothing

2. Make into rags


  1. Use your old perfumes for room freshers.

Ideas from MSN:

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