Lessons Learned from NY Pandemic Shut Down of 2020

During the Pandemic of 2020, NY was put on “pause” with the Matilda Law innacted by Governor Cuomo during a State Emergency. It started in March with the most stringent closings on March 22. Governor extended the May 16 reopening till June 6 with a new set of rules.

I could cry. This is the craziest time of my life. Well, at least the part I remember. These are the things I learned:

  1. World is as limited as you make it. You can virtually go to most places on Earth from the comfort of your own home.
  2. You don’t know what you’ve missed till they take it away from you.
  3. I’m not dead yet so let things just wash over me.
  4. The weather is as unpredictable as Covid-19.
  5. My appetite is different craving things I long stopped missing.
  6. Things that I was pressured to do right away is now on hold. So then, why was it so necessary?
  7. Everything seems different than it was before.
  8. Good time to reconnect to those old friends.
  9. Shopping in your own closets, drawers and cabinets finding things that you forgot were there.
  10. Time to clean the things often put off and time to redecorate.
  11. There’s just so many movies one can see.
  12. Rereading books that have been in home for decades.
  13. Glad I was doing things before that prepared me for quarantine like washing my clothes by hand so no trips to laundry rooms, doing banking online, using the library online, and even having taken courses online.
  14. Things can improve for everyone if we want it.
  15. People really only care about themselves. When things started opening up, more people were about. Thinking the pandemic is over, they went about things like nothing ever happened.
  16. As my anxiety increased, I withdraw even more getting more and more delivered. Learning how to do this was difficult but it made me realize that I could live anywhere and just do deliveries for tge important things.