Wildlife in White Plains

There are many varieties of birds in White Plains (WP) but the City has its share of feral pigeons, ravens, Canadian Geese (Liberty Park), seabirds, hawks and a variety of smaller types (Sparrows, Cardinals, Blue Jays). Roosting is common from the tops of buildings.

Unfortunately, people are leaving pieces of bread for the pigeons but it only attracts vermin. Supermarket bread is unhealthy containing salt, sugars and chemicals.

Small animals (skunks, squirrels, bats, raccoons, mice, rats, turtles) are common along with fish, deer, fixes and even coyotes. Only know of one bear that wandered into City and was caught on Burke’s grounds.

Wild animals have plenty of natural organic food sources but eating foods with processed human food can get them addicted to sugar. Animals will attack easy targets during the winter months or when food sources are less available. A hawk attacked a pigeon in my backyard and the fight was fierce with feathers all over the yard. Small dogs might look like small rodents to bigger animals so do not leave in backyards alone. Small children can also be at danger. Plantings in backyards can be animal proof to deter deer or other animals. Discard standing water (mosquitos & other vermin might love).

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