Mark Gertler: British Artist

gertler portraitMark Gertler the British Artist (1891-1939) is of great interest to me. Mark was born in London as the youngest child of Jewish immigrants Louis Gertler and Kate Berenbaum (known as Golda). He had 4 older siblings Deborah, Harry, Sophie and Jacob.

At an early age, Mark showed an interest on drawing. He attended the Art School Slade. His skill in draftsmanship carried into his portraits. His body of work was in oil paintings (portraits, still lives and landscapes). He was interested in post impressionism and artists like Cezanne.

Scan_20180212 (2)

Gertler was a pacifist and one of his best known work The Merry Go Round was of this theme. Impoverished and of poor health Gertler suffered from tuberculosis and mental illness. He died at his own hands at age 47; survived by his ex-wife and young son as well as his siblings.

Gertler’s personality was the basis for characters of fiction of the day. His works now hang in the London museums. London.

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