White Plains Anecdotes

Decided to post some stories shared by people on Facebook (FB):

Mike Stinnett in responding to a picture posted of the former 1909 White Plains Public Library in the FB group of “White Plains, Remember when…”  wrote the following:

“I used to read the cartoons in the Saturday Evening Post. They were there under the staircase at the far end of the stacks. One night I read them too long, and got locked in the library. Before I tried to climb out a window, I decided to see if there was anyone downstairs. to let me out. That old staircase next to the front door used to make a Gawd awful noise. I think I scared that old janitor half to death.”

This library building dating from 1909 used to be at the northeast corner of Grand St and Quarropas Ave before being demolished to make way for the County extension structure constructed during Urban Renewal next to Michelain Building. There is a parklet (small garden) on the footprint of the former library. The old Beachwood Tree that was in front of the library was saved but it died. A young tree was planted in parklet in its memory.

Do you have a story to tell?

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