Historic Traces in White Plains Business District

Most of the buildings in White Plains’ Business District (BD) were built in the 20th century and many of  them replaced older structures, though there are others that are original to their location. A number of structures are on the National  Registry of Historic Places. White Plains (WP)  formed a Historic Preservation Committee to designate local landmarks. These structures can be found on the City’s website (cityofwhiteplains.com).

Mamaroneck Ave, one of the older roads still runs all the way to the Village of Mamaroneck (established in 1661). Many of the buildings on the street remained during city’s largest  urban renewal project of 1966 to 1980 giving one an idea of what the rest of the BD was like prior to that.


The 1930 building at the northeast corner of E Post Rd and Mamaroneck Ave. was used by the B. Altman Department Store from around 1933 to 1950 when it moved to a new building on Westchester Ave. There is a proposed plan to demolish the structure to put up a 16 story rental. Alexander’s Department Store also used the building for about 5 yrs before moving to the structure that was  at the former Westchester Pavilion location. The pavilion was demolished during the summer of 2017.

95The City Center (left) opened in 2003 on the block where the first Macy’s Store was located in 1948. It’s architectural design blends with the two former banks found next the Center on its Mamaroneck  Ave area.

The former Home Savings Bank (below right) established in 1893 is at the Main St corner and dates from 1925. The building has been used by restaurants and still has its original vault. 94

The Peoples National Bank and Trust Company building  (below left) at the Martine Ave corner dates from 1929. The bank established in 1924 is now  Arts Westchester. The bank’s vault is part of the exhibit gallery on the ground floor.


98The former Colony Theater building (below right) at 100 Mamaroneck Ave still has its 1926 crown (left). The building is used by various businesses.

97At 213 Mamaroneck Ave is the former Ernest Erbeck home (below). It dates from the early 1900’s and presently houses the Westchester County Republican Committee, which was established in 1948. 99

Main St. formerly named Railroad Ave and this name appears on maps as early as 1911. On older maps Main St does appear but in the S Broadway & Armory Pl area.

dsc01178The Bar Building completed in 1928 is at 199-201 Main St and though threatened with demolition it was saved from new development. It was on the National Register of Historic Places in 2007. More info about the building is available in another blog entry on this website.dsc01198dsc01186dsc01188







The Northcourt Building (below) at 175 Main St was completed in 1930. 105








Grace Episcopal Church (1865), with a congregation that goes back to colonial times, is the oldest structure and only remaining church on the street. Grace Church moved to its present location from its former location near S Broadway where there was a cemetery that was moved to WP’s Rural Cemetery at a later date to make room for the former White Plains Hotel.

102Lawyer Building, the former Westchester Title and Trust Company, is at the opposite corner of Church St and Main St (left). It once housed the Reporter Dispatch Newspaper and dates from 1926. Additions were added to the older structure.





E103xcept for the two top floors, the Kennedy building at 2 Williams St dates from 1919. A smaller structure at 171 Main St dates from 1937.

Nearby on Martine Ave is the Masonic Building dating from 1908. 104

See other entries under WP History for more information about remnants in BD.