Memorials in White Plains

DSC00023Throughout  White Plains, there are trees, benches, water structures, gardens and monuments dedicated to the memory of past residents, veterans, public servants, and those who made major contributions to our nation.

Other memorials like the Garden of Remembrance commemorate important events in history.

150Garden of Remembrance on Martine Ave is a memorial garden in remembrance of the Holocaust and to the millions that died at the hands of the Nazis between 1933 and 1945. The small garden is open daily to the public. There are plantings, a seating area, the sculpture “Gates of Remembrance” ( 1992; pictured above) and a statue for Ann Frank. Located at 148 Martine Ave next to the Michaelian Building, the garden was created by the Holocaust and Human Rights Education Center.

Plaques and benches throughout the city honor individuals.149

A statue of Martin Luther King Jr. is on 151Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard in front of the court house. The street also commemorates the Civil Right leader.

There is a memorial for fallen fire fighters in front of Fire Department Headquarters on Mamaroneck Ave.

dsc01839The memorial at Silver Lake Park commemorates those who died on 9-11-2001 from the community.

“Cuba Free,” was erected in 1909 honoring those who died in the Spanish-American War at the intersection of Park and Hillside Aves. Samuel J. Walton, on153e of the soldiers listed on the marker, was buried in WP Rural Cemetery where his grave is marked with a stone carving of a tree stump. There are a number of monuments and memorials for the Battle of White Plains, Civil War, WWI and other wars around the city and at City Hall (in the entrance area).

148 The first streets in White Plains were dirt roads and horses were the main mode of transport.  An old horse trough given to the city by the WP Branch of the ASPCA is next to Public Safety building on S Lexington Ave. It was re-dedicated by the WP Beautification Foundation in 1992.

The City also honors  people by dedicating sections of streets in their name. The blue signs are found just below street name sign.

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