Israel Museum

Only museum opened on Sabbath in Jerusalem is the Israel Museum. I visited the museum with my mother during Sukkot October 2016. We took a cab to the location from our Mamilla Hotel. My mother has difficulty walking so this was a challenge. The galleries were huge with no sitting and not all levels could be reached by elevator. I was able to get a portable stool for my mother to use and there was a motorized cart that took us from entrance area to galleries.

There were outside areas with art. I liked the vegetation. Only one café was open and it was difficult to find our way using the map. Staff were not very helpful. We ended up going through the building with sea scrolls but there were lots of stairs. Café was near the model of the Old City. Bathroom we used in outside area had plumbing issues.

I took a lot of pictures to show my mother after because she couldn’t do much walking. I most enjoyed the work in the South American galleries. The textiles and pottery of the Incas was of great interest to me.



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    • I actually found the trip very challenging because I went with my 85 yr old mother. We hit Sukkot so like the Sabbath everything shuts down. Hotels in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem charge a lot for a dairy “Sabbath/Holiday” buffet that starts service at 7:30 pm. Mamilla Hotel wanted $150 for one. Most restaurants by hotels close on these days. We went with El Al business class and this is very expensive on “dated” planes. I did a lot of research ahead of trip but we did not go on tours. Hotels don’t always know their own cities. In Ein Bokek, there were taxi drivers going to bus stops offering rides (for a fee) that the hotel did not know about. October has cooler temps with Jerusalem going from 70’s to 80’s. Used a travel agent, so had a driver who took us to our destinations. That worked out great.

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