Dead Sea

My trip to the Dead Sea in Ein Bokek (October 2016) was with my mother. We stayed four days at the Spa Club Hotel.  Half the roadway that runs through the resort  was under construction as well as a beach area. There is a small market with shops, small eateries and some restaurants.

From early morning to the evening, people spend a lot of time soaking in the sea. My attempt was very short. I should have worn my thongs into the water cause the salt deposits felt like glass shards. The sand is orange and found on most of the chairs provided. There is little shade from a few date trees. I got my hair wet so I had to take a quick shower. It was a hot and salty experience that I could not appreciate.

My mother soaked in the mineral pool provided by the hotel and enjoyed the tea room where she could make her own mixtures.  I took a walk to the market to use the ATM and went to Masada. Masada is about a 10-15 ride north of Ein Bokek. Unknown to hotel, there are drivers who for a fee take people to and from area. Stand at the bus stop and these drivers come along offering a ride. I paid 100 shekels one way and 20 from Masada with a shared ride. There is the bus but waiting out in heat was not great.

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