White Plains: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

White Plains has a lot going for it with a walkable downtown to shops, movies, the theatre, the arts, sport centers, restaurants, medical centers, businesses and government offices and courts at every level: Federal, State, County and City. Home to residents with a choice of houses, condominiums, co-ops and rental apartments at all income levels. Also, home to religious organizations/centers/schools, private schools/colleges, as well as other organizations/agencies serving the local community and beyond. The city is a transportation hub for New York City, Westchester/Rockland County, Connecticut and the rest of the state by auto, bus, train and airplane. But, at street level one can find many problems that need to be addressed for safety and health reasons and to keep the city going.

Litter with garbage can just next to mail box.


Summer 2014: Construction area on Main St going on for over 3 years for Cambria Hotel Suites. Area shown is walkway for pedestrians during the sidewalk construction. Pedestrians were expected to walk between trucks and the orange barrier. The hotel is going up at the former A&P store site. Hotel opened but area is still under construction with a number of restaurants and Planet Fitness. They banned me from FB for Hotel when I complained and said they should offer people in area who put up with construction free drinks and discounts on rooms.

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