Blame Game

Shift the Blame:

When it comes to solving problems

It seems that everyone just wants to blame someone else for them.

But this just gets nowhere.

It’s the Blame Game.

When we expect others to fix things.

But instead, if we start by looking for solutions within ourselves

Things just might change.

Try adjusting your own life to deal with problems

The only one that you can truly control is yourself

Protecting Yourself:

What can you do to protect yourself?

When prices went up all over the world,

Everyone including the “talking heads” in media and politicians blamed their governments.

But it takes time for the government to act and/or solve problems.

Is there something you can do in the meanwhile to protect yourself?

Look for ways that you can make a difference in your own life

Reduce your own economics by spending less and saving more.

Buy differently or hold off on getting that really expensive item.

Look for sales or wait for them when they normally happen seasonally.

Drive less; consolidate trips.

Clean out that messy car trunk and home where you might find things you bought but forgot about.

Shop around for the lower prices.

Dealing with Crime:

When crime went up, they blamed the leaders of our cities and guns.

But, what can you do?

Protect yourself when going about your day.

Watch your back; be aware of your surroundings.

Let people following you close behind walk past you

Lock your car when pumping gas

Take the key out of the ignition.

Stop leaving valuables in the car or where they can be seen

Carry less

Don’t carry all your credit cards and cash but just what you need that day

Keep your cell phone safely in a secure location instead of in your hand

Limit the times you walk alone at night or stick to the more lighted busier streets.

Lock your front door

Monitor calls and don’t answer those you don’t know the number.

Let the phone take a message instead.

Get working smoke detectors and make sure you put them in all the bedrooms.

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