Famous People Born in White Plains

Carolyn Bessett-Kennedy (married to John F Kennedy Jr

Adam Bradley (Mayor of WP 2010-2011

Brian Burton (Known as Danger mouse, musician, songwriter and producer

Joseph Campbell (author and expert on myth and legend)

Frank Enea (musician, composer)

Erin Cardillo (actress)

Jennifer Damiano (actress in Next to Normal, Spider-Man, Turn off the Dark

Dan Duryea (actor, graduated WPHS)

Johnny Farrell (golfer, 1928 US Open Champion)

Noah Fleiss (actor)

Drew Dru-Ha Friedman (Hip Hop record executive of Duck Down Music Inc.

Channing Frye (Basketball NBA Forward)

Robecca Goldstein (writer: novels, short story, biographer, philosoher)

Shelley Hack (actress and supermodel)

Robert Harmon (American film and TV director)

David Harbour (actor)

Eric Holtz (Head Coach of Israel National Baseball Team)

Eric Holtz (Head coach of Israel National Baseball Team)

Bob Hyland (NFL lineman; Bar owner and ran for mayor)

Deacon Jones (Infielder MLB)

Jonathan Larson (writer Rent)

Mike McGlone (actor)

Emily McLaughlin (actress)

Kevin Meaney (Comedian, actor)

Chris Murphy (CT Senator)

Joseph Polchinski (theoretical physicist and string theorist)

Scott Reiniger (actor)

JD Roberto (Game show host, writer)

Alfred Romer (American paleontologist)

Vanessa Rousso (Poker player)

Roberto Schaefer (Cinematographer)

George E Smith (Nobel prize American physicist)

Ralph Waite (actor, Waltons) He is buried in WP in WP Rural Cemetery

Chris Watson (American-Israeli basketball player)

James Whitmore (actor)

Mark Zuckerberg (Founder of Facebook)

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