Breaking Barriers

Overcoming barriers to our survival are often up to us. The choices and decisions we make are often up to us. But often it is our minds or physical ability that prevent us from taking action. Our emotions and physical limitations often get in the way when trying to surviving the most difficult and challenging circumstances. “You are what you eat but you become what you think.”

Physical geographical and social barriers will always exist but in the end, we all have the power within ourselves to overcome the things that hold us back. Sure it is hard and takes strong will power.

I don’t like the obstacles that our world created by the powers that hold us back. God didn’t create religions, men did and did so to control people especially women. People wear clothes like they are barriers. Head gear and even hair styles can create barriers holding people back in poverty, ignorance and obtaining their full potential.

Language is a barrier. Tower of Babble. People refusing to speak or learn the language of the areas they live in becomes a barrier that separates them. People living in my area often refuse to learn their prominent language. Learning English often helps people to mix and help one another.

One can often learn to live within the limitations by learning to get around them.

People often give up and engage in risky behaviors that make things more difficult to overcome. It is those behaviors that often impede people to make progress and unfortunately others are harmed and held back. Children are often swept up in this cycle.

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