Reward Programs & Perks in White Plains

Offers by Government/Businesses/Restaurants are available in White Plains (WP):


  • BID Discount Card: sign up online and use card at various places for discounts.
  • Target (sign up required with use of their credit card, 5% off)
  • Stop & Shop; Shoprite: Offer discounts/coupons with card that requires sign-up.
  • City Center 15 Showcase: Offers discounts/ perks at certain times and/or for certain groups (see online: Bargain Tuesdays, Senior Wednesday, Popcorn Club & Mom’s Night Out)
  • Verizon Discounts for certain government, corporate, educators and military personnel.
  • Sprint discounts for military

Reward/Loyalty Programs:

  • Iron Tomato offers a free sandwich or salad after 8 buys of either salad or sandwich. Card punched for each buy at cashier.
  • Showcase Cinema: Sign up required but earn points for free movie; food.
  • Fridays Restaurant (sign up online with app required)
  • Nordstrom Reward Program: online sign up
  • Bloomingdale’s Loyalty Program: Sign up at register or online.
  • Barnes & Noble: Discounts for members at $25 a yr.  Discounts for educators, military, corporate groups and gov employees also offered.
  • Whole Foods-App online gives coupons/deals.
  • City Center and The Westchester have websites/Facebook pages that offer events and deals.
  • Container Store: POP! Reward program. No fee.


  • City Fresh Market: Free shuttle ride spending $100; free delivery of $40 orders
  • Metro North Discount off peak hrs & for seniors/disabled.
  • Bee Line Bus discounts for seniors/disabled with Metro cards.
  • Discount $75 a yr permit for residents parking in certain garages (Lyon, Trans Center, Galleria lots, Library, Main St, Chester/Grove; Longview) M-F 8pm to midnight; Weekends 10am-midnight.
  • Free parking during storms when announced (sign up for alerts online).
  • Shoprite: free 1 hr parking
  • Wholefoods: free 1 hr parking
  • Westchester Road Runner: free 1 hr parking
  • Zipcars: Shared cars that you drive from Hamilton/Main Garage as a member with sign up online at White Plains website under “Our Community.”
  • Electric Vehicle Charging for a fee at garages: Lyon, Galleria, Hamilton/Main, Longview/Cromwell.

Free Services/Things:

  • TILI (Take It-Leave It) Shed: Gedney Way Recycling Center April-Oct Wed (2-4:30); Sat (9-12), Free stuff.
  • Museum Passes: White Plains Public Library (WPPL) requires sign up.
  • Charging for Cell Phones: City Center, Galleria; WPPL.
  • Free Wi-Fi at various stores, malls and WPPL requiring sign up.
  • Books, DVD’s, CD’s, Classes & Heritage Searches at WPPL. Requires card. Some services are available online.
  • Free firewood, mulch, compost at Gedney Way Recycling Center.

Free Newspapers:

  • Online: Patch; Daily Voice
  • Westchester Parent, Family
  • White Plains Examiner

Information will be updated as things change or become known.

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