Parks of White Plains: History Behind the Name

White Plains (WP) Historic Society’s newsletter posted article below on the history behind the names of City’s parks:

It should be noted that the City has other parks (see information posted below from City’s Park’s & Recreation Dept.), plazas and playgrounds (not in a park) and not listed in Newsletter above (i.e. Renaissance Plaza, Bark Park, Bryant-Mamaroneck Park & Mitchell Place Tot Lot). Baldwin Farm is named for former farm that makes up the park. Information can be found in blog entry on Quarry & Farms.

There are private gardens, parklets (memorial gardens) and Westchester County parks/gardens throughout WP.

Battle Hill Park is a recreational park on Battle Hill and is also named for hill. Chatterton Playground is named for the first name for Battle Hill during Colonial times. The hill refers to the family living on the hill. Chatterton was tenant farmer of Philipse Family.

Ridgeway Nature Trail starts on Ridgeway school.

Garden of Remembrance commemorating Holocaust is on Westchester County land on Martine Ave. Bronx River Parkway Reservation is a County park running in western part of City.  wp parkspark amenities