Businesses & Organizations of White Plains

White Plains (WP) has a number of businesses and organizations that were established before 1940.

139Hardware established in 1904, is one of the city’s oldest businesses and has been located at the WP Mall since the early 1970’s. The store’s previous location on Spring St (demolished) was affected by Urban Renewal. There are now plans to demolish and replace the mall.

Lee’s Funeral Home established in 1915 is now on Fisher Ave.  Sam’s of Gedney Way, a restaurant since 1932 is still located on Gedney Way. Amodio’s Nursery on Mamaroneck Ave dates back to 1939. Tighes Tavern on Martine Ave opened in 1935.

141The Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) was established back in 1896 and moved to 250 Mamaroneck Ave in 1928. In 1967, the older building was renovated and expanded.

The Music Conservatory of Westchester was founded in 1929 and is now located on Central Avenue.

The Rotary Club dates back to 1919.

142The 1928 Belmont Hotel became the Roger Smith Hotel in 1935. WFAS first broadcast from the Hotel before it moved to Hartsdale. The building that became the Coachman Hotel in 1977 was taken over by the Westchester County during the 1980’s becoming the Coachman  Family Center.

dsc02954The Pix Theater (1935) at 355 Mamaroneck Ave was first theatre in Westchester made for “talkies,” with a 440 seat auditorium. Closed in 1976, it was converted into restaurant and now it is part of the Pedigree Ski Shop.

Mail service in WP began during colonial days with the establishment of the post road. The Post Office that opened in 1932 once housed the Battle of WP mural displayed at the library is now a County Building (25 Quarropas Ave).144





El Centro Hispano, Inc., serving the needs of the growing Hispanic Community, was established in 1974 and became incorporated in 2000.

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