Western Wall-Faith in Jerusalem

My visit to the Western Wall with my 85 year old mother who was the reason for my trip to Israel. We went this October 2016 in the middle of Sukkot so the crowds made it difficult to get to the wall. My brave mother made her way into the crowd and people sitting right up to the wall. I guess you have to have faith to appreciate the moment.

We were grateful for the taxi driver who took us through the Old City from Jaffe Gate to Dung Gate. It was a slow go but my mother didn’t have to walk far.

For those who do not know there is live streaming at the wall online.  Women and men are separated and there is a security check that one must go through. As for one’s dress, a head covering was not worn by all. I wore pants with a tee top. I brought a covering for my head and shoulders just in case but I just wore a hat cause it is very hot in the sun. Carrying water is a good idea. I did see some sinks near the entrance.


My mother is the very short gray haired women making her way to touch the wall. She felt it was worth the few seconds she had at the wall. This was not her first time but this time she made her journey without my father who died on Sept 11, 2013 at 93.


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