Tel Aviv- City Walk

My walk from Royal Beach Hotel through HaCamel Market, up on Allenby (below)

dsc03389    dsc03374dsc03393    dsc03383   dsc03394dsc03388


Graffiti is everywhere.


Along Rothschild Boulevard

dsc03414 dsc03441

dsc03427  dsc03405dsc03410 dsc03425dsc03412 dsc03402dsc03411 dsc03401dsc03413  dsc03409dsc03429dsc03406dsc03400dsc03391dsc03415  dsc03421 dsc03398dsc03404dsc03433

dsc03436  dsc03390


Other places in area include the Big Synagogue and a smaller one.

dsc03381  dsc03369  dsc03368dsc03372     dsc03381  dsc03369dsc03368  dsc03371dsc03373  dsc03378     dsc03372

dsc03438dsc03443     dsc03440 dsc03439dsc03436dsc03444


Wandering streets to hotel.


dsc03443  dsc03437dsc03435 dsc03438  dsc03440 dsc03439  dsc03434  dsc03436



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