Battle of White Plains Video

White Plains Library has made available a video of the Battle of White Plains and the video is on YouTube. There is a link to the video on my FB for book. The following info is from their website:

Battle of White Plains on YouTube

We are happy to present “The Battle of White Plains” in honor of the 239th anniversary of the battle, which occurred in October 1776. This video is an overview of the Battle of White Plains and the larger Invasion of New York in 1776, one of the largest engagements of the American Revolution. Learn how the newly formed Continental Army fought under the command of George Washington to prevent the British Army from taking over the Hudson Valley.  The British hoped to cut in the colonies in half at the Hudson Valley, and the Battle of White Plains was an important moment in the campaign.

Through maps, pictures, animations, quotes, and narration, this video walks viewers through the background to the Battle of White Plains and the details of the engagement itself–especially the role of the many hills that define the borders of White Plains.

Video Editing and Animation was completed by Austin Olney, Digital Media Specialist. Research Assistance and Narration was completed by Ben Himmelfarb, Librarian for White Plains History. Narration was completed by Teens from the Edge, Ben Himmelfarb and Austin Olney.

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