Pet Peeves-Illegals in White Plains

75 S Broadway Now being fixed 2016
Mamaroneck Ave.
Man from City Center Apartments toilets dog in Tibbits daily
Franklin Ave Bottle People going to Stop & Shop
Man sitting outside parked van on sidewalk N Broadway


Got a car? Parking in White Plains is a challenge unless you do it illegally. Police don’t seem to care or go after violators of minor ordinances like noise, illegal bicycling, littering, or even illegal parking in certain locations. Other violations ignored are poorly maintained sidewalks, and poorly maintained properties where no one lives or uses. Bicyclists disobeyed the law about 99.99% of time.

Other violations don’t even register as worthy of the police even noticing include some of the following:

  1.  Vehicles parking on sidewalks, in or  into  crosswalks, and parking is not permitted.
  2.  Bicycling everywhere and disobeying traffic laws (i.e. riding on sidewalks &  in crosswalks, going through traffic lights/stop signs, not signaling, going the wrong way against traffic, parking at signs, trees, over crosswalks and into sidewalks
  3.   Use of motorized scooters and motorized  bicycles, unicycles and hoover boards .
  4. Use of skateboards on streets/sidewalks.
  5. Gas Leaf blowers used at times when banned fir use and blowing everything into streets where cars are parked and traffic is moving. Using 2 or more loud blowers on the same property. And, using blowers at times not allowed.
  6.  Toileting dogs in city parks, on neighbors’ property and over heating/air vents.
  7. Leaving waste bags  in drains, trees, and under trees or on grass.
  8.  Throwing trash from a vehicle..
  9. Use of shopping carts stolen from stores and using them to carry belongings and bottles.
  10.  Smoking in city parks./land/schools.
  11.  Not keeping sidewalks where construction is taking place safe for pedestrians.
  12. ting radios from a car.
  13. Pedestrians crossing in front of moving traffic when not permitted. Cars actually stop for these illegal crossers but rarely for ones that have the right of way.
  14.  Leaving food for feral pigeons and cats on public or others private property without permission from owners.




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