Complicated: White Plains’ Four Masters

No curb cut; sidewalk blocked. Cop not directing traffic. Area has many pedestrians with disabilities. How is a wheel chair to navigate through this? Told officer there was no ramp and he basically laughed it off.

The four governments (Federal, State, County and City) in White Plains that operated agencies, offices, courts, parks, roads, housing and even the waterways all complicate the running of the city. Governments are huge bureaucracies that have elected officials who bring in cohorts to become department heads with their own agendas.  Often these heads are men who protect their domains by discarding criticism and input from the public.

Often my calls/e-mails/letters go unanswered and are passed on to those with little power to enact change. When speaking to some of these government heads, I often feel like they don’t care and get treated rudely. I recently called the Transportation  Commissioner’s office and was told me that I was not listening to him when he was talking.  He kept cutting me off. I called to voice my concerns about recent traffic lanes marked in the city and not to listen to a bureaucrat who spoke to me  like I was a child. The Mayor called me months back after I told the woman who answered the phone in his office that he never responds to my correspondence.He was timing me and complained that I was taking up too much of his time. I am surprised he didn’t send me a bill like a lawyer does. And, still nothing happened to correct the dangerous construction sites that I was complaining about.

Often the government has long time employees that are left to do their jobs without much oversight or regulation. And, when out in the public they blatantly disobey city, state or national laws. City workers including law enforcement personal have been seen by me smoking in prohibited areas, driving through red lights, making illegal turns, parking in crosswalks, using hand held cell phones while driving, and texting while on duty.

City worker on hand held cell while driving.

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