Masada-October 2016

These are my pictures from my trip to Mount Masada in Israel:

By the Dead Sea, the remains of this ancient former fortress continues to undergone restoration. It serves as a reminder to all who believe that one’s freedom is more precious  than life itself. Faith plays a big part in what one believes about the events that are told about this site. They show a film at the site and it made me wonder why an army of 7,000 would bother with a small group of rebels in one of the world’s most desolate places. Hatred, cruelty, fear  and weakness might have played a big part in this struggle.

It is a rocky hot environment that I can’t imagine was a pleasant place to live for either a king or bunch of Jewish rebels. I visited during October in the morning. I took the cable car to and from the top, not believing I could ever make the climb. There were bathrooms, water sources and places to escape the heat while wandering about.

I was staying in Ein Bokek.  I was going to take the Egged Bus but these taxi drivers go up and down the roads offering rides (for a fee) to those waiting for the bus. I took a risk and went by taxi for the 10 minute ride. The hotel personal didn’t know about this.

I was in Masada (the youth organization of the ZOA) when I was a teen so it was the only place in Israel that I was hoping to see.




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