Martine Ave of White Plains

The Martine Family had a large homestead that was in the area  between what is now East Post Road and Martine Avenue across from the Coachman on East Post Rd.

William Martine (b.1796) is listed in the 1880 census as still living in White Plains at age 84 as a widow. He was married to Fanny Van Wart (1793-1824) who was a descendant of the Isaac Van Wart family. Isaac Van Wart was one of the captors of Major Andre.

Stephen A. Marine in 1868 donated land for creation of the street that still bares his name.  Stephen died in 1871. His widow remarried but died 6 years later (aged 39) from food poisoning in anti fat medicine.  The home was then used by the Keeley Institute from about 1871 to about 1900 till it moved to a  bigger building on Maple. Keeley Institute was established to help Alcoholics.

The Family Homestead was moved to its present location at 149 Grand Avenue during the early 1900’s. Today the building is a commercial building for various businesses. Below is from Weichert Rental Network’s website:

martine homestead