Sharing My Written Creations with Others: Overview

I have written a number of books, plays and student materials over the years that I would like to share with the public. At this time I don’t really want to publish them even though I did try. Two of the children’s picture books were written while I was in college. “It Began As a Dot” was created as part of a Reading Readiness Program I developed for a class I took during my Junior year at Southern Connecticut College (now a University)and I wrote “The King of Nowhere,” for a Graduate course I took at Long Island University. I also wrote a novel called “When Being Special Isn’t,” back in the 80’s which I changed from an adult novel to a teen story (by eliminating the teacher) about two teens receiving Special Education in a high school similar to the one I taught in.

I did write a Gorilla story for “Highlights Magazine.” but it was rejected. I even took pictures at the Bronx Zoo to go with the book as well as writing to the Zoo to get permission to use them. I could make the book into a children’s picture book.

I also started two plays, “Gertler’s Dilemma” (a drama with 2 actors) that takes place on the eve of the Mark Gertler’s (Jewish British artist) death (his final suicide attempt) and “Not Just An Independent Woman,” a musical about a woman who becomes a successful NYC journalist/writer and gives this up to marry and raise a family with an artist who lives on an island in the Caribbean.

I also have an idea for a play/book about a murder mystery involving the theft of a doll house that I would like to develop more.

I did take a class on web design and was hoping to put up works to get feed back and to make the finished words available for others to read and use. I am going to see how this site goes.

During the last 3 years, I have worked on a picture book on White Plains and have gotten snagged on the dates of events which I keep finding different from the different sources that I researched. I also took the photos. I led one walking tour with Westchester Trails (WTA) but did not get much interest for my efforts (4 showed up but not much interested in my talk and 2 left after first half hour). I even wrote a walking tour pamphlet to go with it. Did send an e-mail to White Plains Historic society but did not get a response about leading walking tours. The city recreation dept. wanted a proposal, resume and references to do tour so I gave up.

I also have written “What’s in a Name?” an activity for children using the places of White Plains.

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