Parking in White Plains

Parking is a challenge everywhere, but very much problematic for those in White Plains (WP). No overnight parking is allowed on the streets between 2 and 6 am. Most meters require payment (M-Sat); start at 9am but the cut off in the evening varying by location. Some go till midnight.

Parking on many WP streets in the busiest areas are metered & many streets have limited parking or none at all. WP has numerous metered and/or permit parking lots that require a fee. Some monthly permits require residency. See the City’s website for information at under City Department section on Parking & Traffic (

WP provides an app for paying parking fees with phone (parkwhite Residents can obtain parking permit at some garages at night & weekends for $75 a year. A pre paid cash key is available for meters requiring coins. Some areas around WP offer 15 min. free parking on Mamaroneck Ave (like at Iron Tomato) & at WP Public Library. WP offers free weekend parking at N WP Train Station. On Sundays & certain holidays (Thanksgiving, Dec 25, Jan 1, Memorial Day, Labor Day; July 4) street parking is free & there are no time limits. Parking in delivery areas is allowed on Sunday and certain times but not drop off areas. Make sure to read the meter and signs before you park to be sure.

There are private parking lots & garages available in WP. There are websites/ apps to help locate parking & some allowing reservations for a space. Price comparisons are given. Inrix parkme (; Spothero ( & are some. One lot of Propark on Paulding Av next to hotel lot has fees posted at entrance and overnight is $10.

Propark Parking for One Westchester entrance Paulding Ave

There are restaurants, stores & other businesses that offer parking for their customers or clients for free and others offer parking credit at pay lots: Bloomingdale’s, Stop & Shop, The Container Store, Thomsoms Art Supply (behind the building), Sam’s of Gedney Way, WP Diner, TD Bank, Pedigree Ski Shop, CVS (at 325 and 452 Mamaroneck Ave & N Broadway), WP Chrysler Jeep Dodge, Westchester Burgers, New Deal Deli as well as stores along Mamaroneck Ave behind Saxon Pharmacy (460) & WP Bakery and UPS Store (366) where the lot is also used by CVS. Rosedale shops (Lombardi’s, K&S Cleaners, Chase, Deli and Pharmacy) offer free parking.

U.S. Post Offices at Fisher Ave & Gedney PO offer parking. Burke Rehabilitation Hospital, NY Presbyterian Hospital, as well as medical offices at former St. Agnes Hospital grounds offer free parking.

Some parks offer parking (Liberty, Gardella (at Church St School but not during school hrs), Gillie, Purdy House, Baldwin, Battle Hill and Delfino Park) and schools have visitor parking on their campuses. Parking during non-school hours is available especially to use ball fields, tennis courts & parks near-by. County parks offer free parking (Maple Moore Golf Course, Silver Lake Preserve & Saxon Woods).

NY State Dept. of Labor has parking at 120 Bloomingdale Rd. Ballard-Dullard & Mahon, Lynn & Hartnett Funeral Homes have parking lots. YWCA on N St, & Westchester Hills Golf Club offer parking. Garden Centers such as Ridgeway, Gedney & Amodio’s offer parking. Many religious centers offer parking for their congregants throughout the city.

Westchester County has parking for employees and jurists at Michaelian Building & Court House. Federal Court has an employee parking lot. There is a fee at County Center lot but there are times where one does not get charged.

Parking credit is offered by Shoprite, Whole Foods, Westchester Road Runner & Showcase Movie Theater when purchasing drinks & snacks. I’m sure there are others but not aware of them. See WP BID for others at

Valet parking is offered at some locations in the city (City Center (on Mamaroneck Ave at certain hours with fees), The Westchester on Paulding, Cambria Hotel & White Plains Hospital).

The Westchester has free 30 min parking on Paulding Ave. by entrance (Express parking). This area has become very full.

There are very few handicap parking spaces on streets with meters and none where there are no meters. Most spots are in large multi-level garages, metered lots owned by City and private store parking lots. Fees are required unless you have a special permit (through county). Be aware that many handicapped spaces are designed for vans and for people who truly need more room exiting and getting in vehicles. Removal permits should be displayed but not while driving. Fines for taking a spot from those with the most need go from $125 and up.

Accessible On Street Parking Map 2021_Page_1

Regulations for Non-Designated Accessibility Parking

The holder of a handicapped parking permit or disabled person plate may park up to three hours at a half-hour, one-hour, and two-hour parking meter, by depositing the full amount of the respective parking meter (i.e. paying two hours for a two-hour meter, etc.). The holder of a handicap parking permit or disabled person plate may acquire a $50 monthly permit and park all day at parking structures’ reserved parking spaces. Both the handicapped parking permit and the monthly permit must be displayed.

Designated Metered Accessibility Parking Spaces

1.Church St. n/o Hamilton Ave (4th meter) – Driver Access, Slight Tree Obstruction

2. In Front Of (IFO) 44 Church St – Driver Access.

3. IFO 158 Grand St – Passenger Access 

4.WP Library Martine Ave Entrance – Passenger Access (in Library drop off)

5. IFO 197 E. Post Rd – Passenger Access, Lamp Post.

6. IFO 452 Mamaroneck Ave – Passenger Access, Utility Pole Obstruction

7. MLK Jr. Blvd. n/o Hamilton Ave – (1st meter) Passenger Access, Slight Tree Obstr.

8. Hale Ave s/o Hiram St – Passenger Access, Slight Tree Obstruction

9. Main St. w/o Court St – Driver Access, Tree and Trash Can Obstruction.

10. Old Mamaroneck Rd opposite Doyer Ave – Passenger Access

11. IFO 60 Mitchell Pl – Passenger Access, 2 Meters

12. Quarropas St (Opposite Slater Center) – Passenger Access, Two Parking Spaces

13. S. Lex s/o Martine Ave – (1st meter on right) Passenger Access, Bike Lane Buffer

14. Cromwell Pl – (1st meter, left side) Driver Access, Utility Pole Obstruction

15. IFO 250 Mamaroneck Ave – Passenger Access, Tree Obstruction

16. Opposite 15 Chester Ave – (2nd meter on left) Driver Access, grass strip

17. Winchester St n/o E. Post – (1st meter on right) Passenger Access/ Slight Incline

18. IFO 20 Old Mamaroneck Rd – Passenger Access, grass strip 

19. IFO 230 MLK Jr. Blvd – Passenger Access, Bike Lane Buffer for Driver Access

20. IFO 7-11 South Broadway – Passenger Access, 2 meters 

21. Cromwell Pl – last meter before Maple Ave. Driver Access, Slight Incline

22. IFO 176 Grand St – Passenger Access

23. Martine Ave w/o Court St – (1st meter on left) Driver Access

24. Carhart Ave e/o Mamaroneck– (last meter before Mamaroneck) Passenger Access 

25. E. Post Road e/o Court St – Both Sides Access, In Small Municipal Lot

26. Church St n/o Barker Ave – (1st meter on right) Passenger Access, grass strip 

27. IFO 56 Doyer Ave – (7th meter before Old Mamaroneck) Passenger Access, grass strip 

28. Opposite 88 Gedney Way – Passenger Access, 2 meters, grass strip

29. IFO 245 Mamaroneck Ave – Passenger Access, Slight Tree Obstruction

30. IFO 201 South Lexington Ave – (1st meter on left) Passenger Access, Small Incline

31. IFO 200 Mamaroneck Ave – Passenger Access 

32. IFO 199-201 Main St – (1st meter on left) Driver Access 

33. Quarropas St. e/o Grand St.– (3rd meter on right) Passenger Access

34. IFO 245 Main St – Driver Access, 2 meters

35.Mamaroneck Ave. at City Center Entrance – Both Sides Access past drop off lane.

From City of WP website
Mamaroneck Ave at City Center

City is very aggressive enforcing its parking regulations but there are places where enforcement is less often at night & on weekends. Many park in lots that they are not customers to avoid fees. One place is Stop & Shop & non-metered streets close to malls. Holidays not allowing free parking & weekends have even less monitoring.

Police ticket overnight (after 2am) while out on patrol; parking authority tickets during day and evening. They use electronic license readers (not chalk). Main St near City Center is monitored weekdays very aggressively. Tickets can be $25 on the street but more for parking in an illegal area like a fire zone ($50). Some can get ticketed again if you move to different part of the same street (or block); people can get multiple tickets. City does use booting for outstanding repeat offenders.

Best is to feed the meters and follow instructions for the place you park. Use the parking app if you are delayed or don’t have cash. Try googling a location to see on street parking regulations for a place you are headed for, but many are out of date so for most current maps/visuals use Westchester GiS.

If you have a suggestion for changing the parking in an area, please send in the requests using email, contact forms online. City does look at individual requests (taking out spots, putting in spots, extending time, shortening time for example) so do not hesitate to make requests. City has the Transportation Commission that oversees these requests. You can get notified through the city website for agendas and minutes of meetings or you can just check them yourself.

City of White Plains Parking Department:

2 Comments on “Parking in White Plains

  1. Dying city because it is an unlivable city due to unreasonable parking restrictions. Biased towards homeowners and penalizes renters. I know many people who have moved out of White Plains because the city makes it impossible for people to park without getting ticketed.


    • Agreed. Been thinking about moving out of this city In the next 3-4 months the latest. City has a racket with the parking restrictions and supposedly has a long waiting list for 24/7 parking at the parking lots where they allow it. Meanwhile, lots of spaces are empty during the day. Would recommend to whomever is thinking to move to an apartment building in this city (either buying or renting) and have a car, to think it twice if they do not have assigned parking from day one in the building they are moving to. Otherwise, be ready to fork out between $450 to close to $700 per month as a gift to the city.


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